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tyres mk3 215/55r16
hi there looking to get new tyres on my bling are the michelin originals worth getting at about £110 fitted or falken or Sailun
215/60R16 99H XL Atrezzo asda fitted £57 !!!
I'm someone who puts grip ahead of durability. As such, the nicer Falken tyres (912 series) have always been a personal favourite. Interesting to note that Ol' Jeffers - who has a lifetime of engineering experience sorting real world situations, also likes this brand.
I wouldn't bother with Michelins, their main market is new cars & prices are premium for after market, I think. My original Mchelins started to crack in the tread so I don't even think they are that good. I fitted Avons, much cheaper & they are wearing as well as the Michelins.
I've already tried many tyres, specially on track.. and Michelins (some of them) really are the best on durability.... On the other hand, i'm with Addo: i prefer good grip instead good durability..

I like a lot Yokohama C-Drive 2 for a normal use.. Plenty of grip and very good in wet conditions..
Falken good tyre's wet and dry and not a bad price :thumbsup:
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I've just replaced my Michelins with Avon ZV5. they have a higher load index =97 v 93 and a higher spead rating [not that you need that with a Belingo]. Tyre shopper are offering a 10% discount for 4.. so that makes them much cheaper than Michelins, but a bit dearer than budget brands..[cost about £80 per tyre].I've had Avons on my Mazda van for years thay seem very hard wearing and haven't suffered the same ozone cracking as the Michelins of the same age

Yes, I've had Avon ZV5 on mine for more than 2yrs. 5 from tyreshopper for £93 a corner fitted if I recall, done at local National tyres branch. I will need a new set next yr I guess so I hope the offer is still on. I rotate all 5 around car. First set of Michelins went for 33k miles & present Avons are on 21k miles with 5mm tread still & no cracking. Car will be 6yrs old next yr & I'm hoping for 8yrs before trade in so may go for cheaper set next time.
i live up on the west coast scotland and get 10k out of my tyres on bling mk2 to get to town is a 45miles round trip with about 200 bends with some sharp corners with speeds of about 40 to 60 ish hard on tyres
My tyre' do some good deal's i've use them with no problem's
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Another happy Avon ZV5 user. Just had another pair fitted, after 30,000 miles they were still legal but having a puncture near the sidewall in one of them I decided to get them both done so save messing about.

I used National Tyres, pre-ordered on-line is cheaper then just turning up and the boys there know how to do the job correctly without destroying the tyre pressure monitoring systems fitted in the wheels.

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