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Driving in other countries
Since we have the perfect car for a 'vacation on wheels', I expect quite a few of us make it across a border and into another country...

Wouldn't it be great to know a few of the Gotchas before then?

Here's a bit about Norway:
Speed limits are not always posted. The rule then is 50Km/h inside built-up areas and 80Km/h outside built-up areas.
When towing a trailer, the speed limit is 60Km/h if it doesn't have brakes, and 80Km/h if it has brakes, even if the posted limit is higher.
Speed cameras are in fixed locations, and there are warning signs posted well in advance(!) so there's no reason to be caught. Also, if the driver can't be recognised on the picture, you may get off scot free anyway.
Some areas have averaging systems(also posted signs). These cameras use an ultraviolet flash, so you won't see it go off. (some of the normal cameras still use visible flashes)
When you pass the second camera, a light on a pole will light up.
Green means no foul, red means you did a bobo...
Radar and Laser detectors are forbidden.

It's not legal to break the speed limit when overtaking...
§3 of our traffic laws specifies that motorists should be attentive and considerate in traffic. That means stopping and letting other motorists pass if you're slowing down the traffic.

Park lights are NOT considered 'driving lights'

Traffic lights.
It's legal for pedestrians to ignore a red light if there's no traffic.
The same is NOT legal for motorists.

If there's no traffic nearby, you don't have to use indicator lights, but it's a good habit to use them any way.

From July it will be legal to use Wobbly willies(Segways and their ilk) on Norwegian roads, sidewalks and bike paths, mostly with the same rules as bicycles, except that there's a max speed of 20Km/h, and they're forbidden from using them on roads with a posted speed limit of 60Km/h or higher.

It's legal to ride a bicycle on most roads, except for 'motorways' and some tunnels, but that doesn't mean it's sane to do so.
(It's always forbidden in undersea tunnels, and for good reasons.)
There's always posted signs where its forbidden to cycle.

Driving off-road with a motor vehicle is generally forbidden. No road = no go.

Do not drive in Norway without learning to use the engine as a brake.
Trust me... After a few Kms of steady 7% downward slope, your brakes will be in bad shape otherwise.
(Trucks sold in Norway has a special 'retarder' installed on the driveshaft. )
Uphills tends to claim a lot of engines due to overheating...
Also, most asphalt used on Norwegian roads tends to be on the coarser side, and can quickly wear down tires. (My sister used to work in a company selling MC tires, and the number of stranded MCs in the northern parts of Norway in the summer is ridiculous. Car tires ususally lasts a bit longer, though)

In Norway it IS legal to break into a car to rescue animals suffering from heat-related problems.

Electric bikes are legal as long as they follow the EPAC standard.
(250W motor, max 25Km/h, assist only)

Toll roads may be a pain in the... sometimes, but most of them are actually cheaper than taking a detour if you start doing the sums. Also, many of the detours are pretty awful roads.

Make certain to use updated maps(sold in most gas stations.)
Back in 2005 a lot of roads were renumbered, and after that, some major projects have been finished, too. Some roads have also been reclassified and given new numbers after that, too.

I know of a ferry crossing that was moved 30 years ago, and where German tourists still try to find the old docks...
Others have been replaced with undersea tunnels.
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