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heater matrix issue? 2008 berlingo
can anyone advise please.

i have a citroen berlingo 1.6 hdi 2008.
i had a strange smell from airvents, was advised was possible heater matrix antifreeze smell leaking, as appeared when heater was in the hot position only, worse when first start up and drive from cold, so opted to have a new matrix fitted, had this done, 1 month later the smell is back to my horror! it was a new heater matrix fitted first time,. would this be it again leaking or is there another known issue i am missing here as at a cost of £300 a time it gets expensive! i do not appear to be losing any water and the passenger footwell is dry too, checked the obvious! can anyone help me out here asap???

thanks alot.
It may only be a smell from the residue of the leak.If you're not losing water & the carpets etc are dry,don't panic but keep an eye on it.:thumbsup:Confusedalut:
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Can you describe the smell at all.

They need to invent smellovision.
there is no residue as it was all wiped out clean and dry when new matrix was fitted. it smells like a curry or yes antifreeze sweet smell i presume, its not very nice at all and is driving me crazy! i am trying to find the issue rather than have another matrix fitted. i just read somewhere it could be the water pump leaking slightly causing the smell too? is this right? i am not or do not appear to be losing water tho which is very strange.
Have you pulled back the caper and checked underneath?

Spray fabreze that should help with the smell.
pulled back the caper? please advise what you mean and where it is? thanks
Hi,I think he misspelt carpeetConfusedillyme::whistle:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
The smell could linger for some time the antifreeze may have gone into place's you can't get to so bear with it
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the smell has been about a month now or just over, hardly used the van since matrix was changed, i am going to get the van rechecked or pressure tested tomorrow and will see what happens from here, just hope its not another matrix required again! carpets dry still, smell is there when cold and when heater on hot when you start the van and just go down the road, sometimes worse when driven for some time.
probably a stupid answer but it's not the screenwash is it ?? (with you saying your not loosing coolant) I've been using mine a lot lately with the bugs splattered on the screen,smells very similar to coolant,smell lingers for ages after ive used it !!
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