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New Tyres
Hi All, I am getting near new tyres time. As I will have to replace all four, does anyone know if I can go wider than the standard 205/65 15 which are fitted on the basic steel rims?
Cheers, Mel
Yes you can 215/or 225/or 235 :thumbsup:
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Thanks Jed Clampit.
Just be careful as just because you can get em doesn't mean they will fit, and also you may need to lower the profile aswell to prevent the speedo being thrown out/rubbing issues.... I would suggest sticking to the factory size or getting larger rims to better handle a low profile tyre with extra width, just from experience Wink
what is better on these vans, as I'm on my 4th set of fronts and about to fit my 3rd set of rears? will wider hurt fuel consumption, but will it help road holding and stop me scrubbing off the tyres as much...
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
Wider tyres will maybe help road holding, but will scrub worse than original size

I would be finding out why it's scrubbing in the first place to be honest
i did wonder about rolling radius - 205/65 to 215/65 increases by about 2.0%. its just that sometimes there is an offer at the tyre place on different sizes just when you need to buy. so it could be cheaper at the time to go a bit bigger
Go for it, you'll soon find out if it scrubs em quicker which I suspect it will, 2% is nothing, your speedos normally that far out, I'd defo be finding out why it's eating tyres first and using proper size tyres...
Hi what make of tyres are you going for, I will only put good brands on my cars I once bought a car with cheap tyres on it and it was horrible to drive when it was wet.
Michelins are expensive but I have found them to be hard wearing with good handling, you get what you pay for with tyres.
Wider will give ( from experience ) worse fuel economy with higher rolling resistance, more road noise, and as previously mentioned the tyres will tend to scrub more than narrower ones. You may also find a tendency to have the vehicle wandering with more frequent steering wheel correction to maintain the chosen line. I have found that the minimum of toe in helps with wander and scrubbing.
Standard tyres for me ..... Simples.

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