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I'm not a happy chappy. My 2007 1.6HDi berlingo engine and turbo has died big time :'(. Would I be right in saying my engine is a DV6TED4 if so......
1. Do I have to re-fit the same 70hp or can I go for the 90hp.
2. Would the 2.0HDi fit or would I have to change gearbox and
a host of other things aswell.
I just don't know which way to go about this and any advice would be fantastic.
Thinking aloud, I suppose my best bet is to find a panel damaged insurance write off and swap everything over.
Would you buy an engine which you can't hear running. Seems there's a few of these around in salvage yards, but knowing my luck, this could go the same way.
Even on reconditioned engines they only seem to give a few months waranty, and I wouldn't like to think how many £££££ a new engine would be.
Sorry for the many questions and long post guys, just don't know which way to go.
But for now, I'm going back to doing this......
Sorry to hear of your misfortune Bingo..:-(
I have seem a DV6 engines failing due to cam chain failure (cam chain joining both camshafts) in turn when this chain fails the oil pressure
drops and you have turbo failure....sometimes the camchains wear into the cam box and the oil is pumped out all over the engine when it fails.
With both engine and turbo failed its going to cost well over a grand to repair...:-(
Not sure if the 90bhp can be popped into your van... i would imagine you would need to swap over the engine ecu and bsi/key fob from the doner
car/van to get the 90 bhp out of the engine.

These engines need to be regularly serviced and good quality oil used ,the service intervals need to be reduced to 9k mls
(not 12k mls as recommended)
I have always used 5w 30 esp mobil 1 and have had no problems...Touch wood.
Best of luck and hope you get sorted.
Cheers Ron, only had this van for 4 weeks. Looks like there may be more to this than meets the eye.
The 'private seller' who I bought the van from may be selling vehicles on behalf of a trader who may have known about the vans faults. The 'private seller' has offered me an older Peugeot Dispatch instead, or to supply a turbo for the Berlingo, both of which I have declined. Off to trading Standards tomorrow to see where I go from here.
Best of luck with it Bingo...The 1.6 hdi's are a great little engine but need to be well serviced..otherwise they tend to build up sludge in the
sump and inturn cause turbo/engine failure.
What mileage is on the van..?
Showing 52000 miles, but fear it has done many more.
When I took the oil filter out it looked as if it had imploded on it's self (think of wringing out a cloth, squashed and twisted).What would have caused that?
Anyway, I'm off to do a bit more of this :brickwall: :brickwall:.
(11-07-2011, 11:33 PM)bingo Wrote:  When I took the oil filter out it looked as if it had imploded on it's self (think of wringing out a cloth, squashed and twisted).What would have caused that?
Anyway, I'm off to do a bit more of this :brickwall: :brickwall:.

Thats a true sign of poor servicing alright....what happens is the oil filter blocks with sludge which causes the oil pump to be starved of oil,This in turn causes the filter to collapse from the suction of the oil pump.

For all those 1.6 hdi owners out there...these engines need to be serviced every 9 k mls and always use a good quality fully syn oil...otherwise there
is a risk of turbo/engine failure.

Hope you get sorted bingo and take it easy on that wall...:-)

Cheers Ron, had a feeling that was what happened but wasn't sure. No head banging tonight, looks like Trading Standards will be investigating the car dealer selling vehicles as a private seller Big Grin.
mm i do mine every 10k kms
(13-07-2011, 07:02 AM)corkgsxr Wrote:  mm i do mine every 10k kms

Better safe than sorry..Smile
Good morning all :wave:. At last there seems to be a ray of sunshine beaming down directly on me Confusedunny: :woop:.
Have returned the van to that :censored: of a dealer who was posing as a private seller and got my money back :thumbsup:.
'Onwards and upwards' as they say Big Grin.

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