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Inner Tie Rod Removal
Im new here so please go easySmile

I want to know how you guys remove inner tie rod from steering rack on right hand side(passenger side UK) MK2 Berlingo

I have just purchased a kit of these in various sizes, it's mega, can change a rod in 5 mins
If you have access to a welder you can also make your own tie rod remover, weld a socket that's big enough to undo the tie rod to a length of steel tube and weld another socket to the end so you can get a ratchet handle on it.

Failing that its molegrips and time.

Not done one on a berlingo but this process should be similar.

Jack up van as high as poss both sides
Remove wheel
Remove outer tie rod by splitting ball joint and undoing other end (mark the position of the nut and number of turns it took to undo tie rod so you put it back on the new inner in the same place)
Put full right lock on to make for easier access
Using either tool you have welded/bought/molegrips undo inner tie rod
Reverse to put back together
Get vans alignment/tracking checked

Like I said this is generic and might not be the same process on a berlingo
You won't be able to get a socket on a perfectly round ended track rod, so you need to use a tie rod undoing tool or a pair of stilsons or similar grips if you can get them in, the flats are at the rear of the tie rod screw in piece so you can't normally get owt on them, there a pain, but get it off and refitting is fairly straight forward... If you can grip it, stilsons or some other form of self tightening grips are a better bet than molegrips, but it's down to what you have at hand, laser do a track rod removal tool that's not to expensive from memory
This video shows how to do the job, although it's a Ford Explorer, the method is exactly the same, he has the same tool as me, which makes the job simple
(19-07-2014, 06:10 AM)Lighty Wrote:  I have just purchased a kit of these in various sizes, it's mega, can change a rod in 5 mins

What he said, don't mess about with mole grips or stilsons, you can get the proper tool off ebay for a few quid.
What size is the flat on the Berlingo inner tie rod ? There is a universal tool that does 28 to 35mm.
So where does this bit go then ?

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