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Electrica wiring diagram Berlingo 2001
Does anyone have the electrical diagram for the battery switch starter:
battery - starter solenoid + relay

I am trying to locate the starter relay and can't find a drawing anywhere online.

They don't have a starter relay, the wiring off the too of my head is direct from barrel via the passenger side fusebox and loops through there down to the engine bay via the two large round plugs to the engine bay loom and then to the starter....

There is also a big power wire that carrys the main 12v feed to the starter solenoid, the other side of the circuit is the battery main earth strap which goes from the battery earth via the engine block then to the chassis, the strands in the lead where it joins the ring terminal on the engine, a close inspection often reveals broken strands, but the acid test is put a multimeter on the earth terminal on the battery and the other lead on the metal body of the starter, you should get between 0.05 and 0.15v drop between the two as you crank it in normal use, it may be a tad higher if the starter is stuck/working incorrectly and just clicks or does nowt....
Quote:direct from barrel via the passenger side fusebox and loops through there down to the engine bay via the two large round plugs to the engine bay loom and then to the starter....

:S Sorry I am having a hard time understanding this. if I could get a wiring diagram it would really help me.
It's one single trigger wire that runs from the ignition barrel through a variety of wiring looms that goes live when you put the key in the start position, this runs directly to the +50 terminal on The starter motor, to be honest if you have no clue what I meant then your probably going to struggle diagnosing a starter fault correctly and you may be better seeking assistance of someone with a little more knowledge

It may be that someone more local to you may be able to help, whereabouts are you in the country?
OK thanks Dumdum.

I am not in the country. I am in Greece.
The autodata diagram for a 1.9d is below and this should be the same with all other engines as starter is common to all

[Image: j5idmh.jpg]
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Ahh. Thanks. That should do the trick.

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