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Cooling fans not kicking in
Hi everyone my 1st post so pls be gentle. I know there is a few threads on over heating but my mine Is a little different.

Right, my 1.9d is running hot and the fans will not kick in on their own they will both come on if I disconnect the green sensor on the thermostat housing tho? I have changed this switch and checked the relays on the fan housing they seem ok but will change them this week too. Also the car does have a/c. At the moment I am driving as little as possible with the sensor disconnected.
Take it your ac is not working too?
It doesnt bring on the fans when on and to be honest its not doing a great deal cooling either so no.
Pretty pls any ideas?
Does this vehicle have a radiator switch? I have had a right saga with the fan on my mk2 recently. It's a single fan with two speeds. It does not have a radiator switch but yours may.

Look at the last posts on "1.9D getting hot on motorway" in the mk2 section
2004 1.9D Multispace/Budget crew cab work van!
I cannot find one anywhere on the rad and it has two fans.
You can bench test the relays by putting 12VDC across the signal terminals - I *THINK* they are 85 and 86 but check - it will be the terminals the very small cables go to. Do this and you should hear a click.

Then get someone to check continuity across the two terminals that have the thicker fan supply cables.

Apologies if teaching you to suck eggs but why buy relays unless you have to!

They are probably fine which makes me wonder why they are not being switched...I don't know enough about the mk1 set up though
2004 1.9D Multispace/Budget crew cab work van!
We had problem on our 1.4 petrol with aircon. This does not have a radiator switch,it's by the thermostat. Our overheating was due to a fault on the high speed fan circuit which was found by dealer using Lexia. Pulling the connection of the temp switch caused the fans to come on which fooled me. This must have been the slow speed circuit.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Thanks for the replies gents I will test relays and if its not that I guess I will be making a trip to a specialist.

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