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Pug Partner Teepee collection tomorrow
Hi all
This is an update regarding my quest for a Berlingo that does what its supposed to do, ie drive safely.
After my horrid experience with Berlingo Number One pulling to the left and the subsequent catalogue of faults, I had to tragically having to return it to dealer. I test drove Berlingo Number Two at a Cit main dealer, and had yet another bad experience with the key falling apart as soon as i put it in the ignition, and then when i did get to drive it, bless it, it pulled to the left and the accelerater lacked power, so that didn't come home with me.
Ive had a list of Pugs, one after the other over the past years, and there will soon be a new arrival in the form of a Partner Teepee. I know its the same as a Berlingo, etc. I did try desparately to find something else that ticked all my needs, but I just wasnt brave enough to go Italian with a Doblo, and hence im praying that it will be third time lucky. I should be excited at the pending arrival, but to be honest im dreading going up the motorway for fear of yet again experiencing the dreaded pull to the left!
If Pug goes up the M without misbehaving, i will be soooooo happy, and i will be able to head off into the sunset for a few weeks and not have to pitch a tent etc.
I didnt examine Pug too closely, except to note that there is no central console box, so im hoping a Berlingo one will fit. Also the back seats are a single and a double, and i checked that the single one comes out, which will give me enough room to stretch out, and pooch can have the double, unless that comes out.
If im third time unlucky in my quest for a Berlingo, i will call it a day. All i can think about right now is that every second mini van that i see is a Berlingo/Partner so there must be ones that drive ok. Anyway, i hope to be back tomorrow or friday on here with good news.
The Doblo isnt quite as 'Italian' as you might think....
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Good luck Berl hope it all work's out well for you there are good one's out there don't rush the right one is out there :thumbsup:
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Good luck. Hope this one doesn't disappoint. If it's a keeper please post some pix.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Berlingo posing with a Puegeot badge is still sitting outside my front door. It is going back to where it came from for a few minor bits to be sorted out, like: the rear passenger window screw whatnot needing tightening; rattling sound from beneath the vehicle which is suspect to be loose exhaust and/or spare wheel housing; suspension problems; pulling to left AGAIN; slipping clutch; and im throwing in smell of burning oil, just for good measure to make sure i havent forgotten anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have come to accept that if i want the practicalities of a berlingo, then im just going to have to put up with a whole pile of rubbish which i hope will compensate for being able to car camp and not pitch a tent in the gales
ps first trip off to the lakes xxx
I got Berlingo back (posing with a peugeot badge but who cares) last week. They said the rattle from underneath was the tray underneath the front of vehicle (as in the thing that stops me seeing if there is an oil leak!!!). I kept going on and on about thinking it was the spare wheel housing or loose exhaust but they swore it was the tray, ok, so be it, what do i know anyway? They also say they had ordered a new clutch kit, so i asked them whether that meant that they had actually changed the clutch or just ordered the kit without changing highly suspicious of these people, paranoid, even. They said it had been changed. I cant feel any difference as new clutches are meant to be stiff and tight and have a low biting point as far as im concerned, but these 'experts' tell me that a new clutch is 'soft' and anyway its hydraulic..... ok, if they say so, what do i know? The one thing i can say they definitely fixed was the rear passenger window catch! Ive been driving around the inner city, to the woodland up the road with pooch, to the shop, and round some roundabouts just to add a few more feet to my journeys. I find the steering much heavier but im getting used to it - gradually.
Now the good bits. It was pouring down and i had to take pooch off for her stop to do her business. I opened the tail gate and sat in the back. It was brilliant. Shelter. Pooch can get in and out of the side door by walking along the footwell before getting up on the seat, im so happy, as she is getting on, so if needed later on, there will be ample room for a ramp for her. The boot is rapidly getting filled up with accessories for wildcamping trips - i did mean to go before now, but soon ......... Anyway, the pure functionality of Puglingo is brilliant, and i am well happy.
We have just purchased a 2011 Pug Tepee Outlook 112. We have the steering pulling to the left and the tinny rattle from underneath so it seems to be a "characteristic" of the car. We also have a brief rattle when accelerating which according to the supplying garage is "normal for this type of vehicle". It is an ex mobility, one owner, low mileage vehicle so I am hoping it will settle down with a few more miles under the bonnet.
We have just had a tow bar fitted to pull our Eriba 310 caravan which weighs in at 850kg so there should be no problems with power but the weekend will be our first run out so here's hoping all will be well.
Hello fenman welcome to the forum good to have you with us have a good weekend let us know how you get on :thumbsup:
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