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Electrical fault
Hi I have recently purchased a Berlingo Multispace with 1.9D engine. The problem I have is that the following items do not work properly:-

1 The instrument display partially works initially ie the fuel gauge, Indicator arrows illuminate and other indications illuminate for a few minutes and the go off. The only item remaining on is the charge lamp although the battery is well charged and the alternator output is almost 14 volts. Water temperature gauge, speedo, odometer and tachometer do not work.

2 The headlight dipped beam does not operate although sidelights and number plate lights operate OK also the main beam flasher operates OK

3 Windscreen wipers and washer do not work.

4 Radio does not work.

5 Blower does not work

6 Horn works OK until ignition key inserted

Indicators work OK and glow plug operation is via a hot wired pushbutton.

The engine starts and runs fine.

I have checked all fuses and they are OK.

I have disconnected the battery and reconnected it. Then I find that the headlight dipped beam, front windscreen wipers and speedo & tacho work for approx 1 second.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to the next course of action to take.[font=Times New Roman][size=medium]
Check your earth strap to the battery first of all , specifically the connection to the body, possible corrison is causing this.

Have you cleaned the battery posts?

Could also be a knackered earth lead which is corroded inside simple check is to run a bypass using a booster cable to a faulty circuit to see if that improves things.
After you reconnected the battery did you do a BSI reset ?
So where does this bit go then ?
(03-08-2014, 10:50 PM)ffrenchie Wrote:  After you reconnected the battery did you do a BSI reset ?

Thanks for adding that could of sworn I put that in my post, think its time for new glasses....
A lot of that list doesn't go through the BSI.
(Headlights, wipers, at least)

Alternator voltage should hit 14.4V when you rev the engine.

Earth points can be found at both A pillars(good luck in reaching them) and both sides of the engine compartment.

Check that the fuses have 12V on one side only.
(Pull the fuses, one by one, and measure them. Some fuses only gets power with the ignition on. Don't measure with the fuse in place.)

With the mess the wiring must be in, I hope you got it cheaply...

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