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Can anyone help ?

I have a 2006 Citroen Berlingo with the 1.6 HDI engine. I have owned this a couple of years and only do about 3000 miles a year. Today I changed the engine oil and checked where the oil filter was situated but didn't change the filter.

Since then the oil level on the dipstick shows full and oil warning light goes out OK but the oil level indicator flashes and shows empty.

I would be very grateful for any advice. Thank you. Demto
This happened immediately after changing the oil and before the engine was restarted.
you need to start the engine to reset the level indicator.

never change the oil without changing the filter do a search on this forum on oil change procedure.
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In effect what you are doing is flushing a dirty filter with clean oil.A recipe for disaster.
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I had intended to change the oil filter but have come to a stop due to the oil level problem.
Could be some crap from the oil has got caught on the sensor so an engine flush might help.

Its also possible the connector to the sensor is loose or you knocked it changing the oil/locating the filter, give it a wiggle.
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As said, it's best practice to change the filter at the same time, however I'd guess not doing so would only prematurely contaminate the new oil (presuming this is an intermediate service).

Are you sure you are reading the dipstick correctly? How much oil did you add when you re-filled.

The dash light is for low oil pressure btw, not necessarily the same thing as "empty".
Sorry this was a duplicate of my previous reply so I deleted it
Don't worry too much if the oil level indicator reads empty, its only a guide. As long as the dipstick shows enough oil that's the main thing.
Imagine how engines managed without oil level indicators.

And as for changing oil without changing oil filters , it was common practice for oil to be changed with oil filters every second oil change.
Once the dirt and gunge is in the filter it will not come out again or contaminate the new oil , wouldn't be much of a filter if it did , wouldn't it.

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Hadn't noticed an oil level indicator on the dash tbh, will look next time... Just a message something like "oil ok". Only ever had an oil pressure warning light on previous cars.

I'd suggest fitting the new oil filter before filling up with new oil in future btw. And yeah as broadfather11 said, trust the dipstick, but make sure you've run the engine for a minute after refilling and then left it long enough for the oil to drain into the sump.
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