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First Berlingo - needed for dog walking job - advice anyone?
Hello, I've just joined - my first forum!
I'm a dog walker in Glasgow and have just bought an XTR 2009 trading in my beloved Honda Jazz (actually vey practical dog car if you only ever need to take 4 dogs otherwise I'd consider keeping it) and was hoping to remove the back seats and create a large cabin to make two distinct front and rear sections for the dogs.
I'm not a fan of individual cages as the dogs I have all get on and so I don't think I need to go to that level of restraint but being able to keep 3 in back and 3 in 'front' for ease when collecting and dropping off would make life simpler.
I was thinking about buying a bespoke Barjo tailgate guard and have seen a few on ebay etc (as admittedly I'm struggling to afford a new one).
I was also thinking about a mid cabin divider and wondered if anyone else had one? This would be a full height divider to sit where the rear seats would. Any advice or experience of those would be great especially where to buy one - most are for use when the rear seats are still in place.
When I looked at the XTR I got all excited about the various storage areas but was disappointed to see that there was no interior roof storage box. I would really have make good use of one of those and didn't know if anyone could tell me if you could retro buy and fit them. I'm maybe describing the pull down box wrongly - it's shown here in the photo. Maybe my car is too old and it's something that only new ones come with?
Last thing (it's now very obvious I've not been on a forum before and am a typical girl that asks about everything) I was going to ask for advice on was - do you think it would be worth my while removing and selling the two exterior roof rails as I will never need them and maybe the money could go towards interior accessories or will it just damage the roof?
Thanks anyone for either staying awake to read this or replying, lynda

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Hi Lynda and welcome to the forum. I did a double take looking at the picture you posted. Can't remember when my Berli was that clean Big Grin. That's immaculate.

2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

It is so clean i hope the dogs are too!!
I'm not sure that is her car, I think she only posted that pic to show what she meant by a roof storage box.

Could be wrong though....

Tis a clean car though
I think the roof box/cupboard only comes with cars fitted with a Modutop i.e. windows in the roof. Does yours have this?
If it does then it should be possible to fit the box I would have thought.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
I doubt the box would fit a non-modutop roof?

Oddly enough I removed my drop-down box to give more room for the upright cycles I carry. It's not for sale unfortunately as I will put it back in if I ever sell the car.

You say you are hoping to remove the rear seats. Release the catch and they come out easily if a little heavy.
Hello. Thanks for the replies. The photo is not my car just one with the box I was looking for. Thanks for the info. I was supposed to 'sign on the dotted line' today for a 2009 XTR with 60k miles for £5500 but something just made me stop. I think the car was a bit tired and I think, if I increased my budget even by only £500 and widen my net to down south too, I can get half those miles. Was set on an XTR but now thinking that unless there's more than air con (which admittedly is rarely needed in Glasgow) then I would maybe be better of saving a bit and going for VTR. Have seen these two on citroen own site so will phone them tomorrow and maybe if there's anyone out there who's lovely and kind and wouldn't mind (obviously only if it's near them) checking it out for me then I don't have a problem buying it 'unseen' and getting them to transfer it here. I know I'd probably be best financially buying private but I don't really have the energy or time to sell my own and because it's such a low mileage great condition Honda most dealerships are keen to have it. Any thoughts on the whole XTR v VTR debate ? Bearing in mind this is for business purposes only and therefore I should be trying to decide with head not heart! Also am I imagining it that the stats on the VTR show slightly better fuel economy, which for me currently spending £60 a week on petrol, would make the decision for me? Thanks all

Now I can't find where to attach a pic of these two used cars I've found!!

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Won't Citroen transfer it for you so you could give it a look over yourself.

Although I probably know the answer given the distance!

Will they charge you to transfer it if you bought it?

That top one is seriously low mileage for a 59 plate, makes you wonder why...
i did a complete turn around! A friend of a friend who's off to Mexico for a couple of years offered me his 2003 Berlingo Forte with 50k miles for £1k so I took it. May as well when it's only going to be used for dog van during the day.
Now going to organise a good polish for the exterior and set about removing the back seats and putting down some matting.
will now scour the classifieds for some bits of trim and dog guard and we'll be off and running.
Am dreading to see what MPG I get out of this!
thanks for all your advice though!
(12-08-2014, 07:53 PM)Barkwalks Wrote:  2003 Berlingo Forte with 50k miles ........

Am dreading to see what MPG I get out of this!

Why Confusedcratch:

What sort of MPG scares you then ?


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