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Terrible Squeal...
Okay, so when we start our 2002 Berlingo (no idea if it's MK1 or MK2), there's a terrible squeal from the engine. Sounds like a fan belt? Once it's warmed up a bit, it stops. While it's still cool, if we're moving there's no squeal, but when we slow to a stop it is loud again.

Just came back from driving across the country, and it's a lot worse now than it was before we set off.

Is it the fan belt? How do I adjust it?

Take a look at the headlights.
The Mk. I has narrow lights, and the Mk. II has the larger lights.

Which engine do you have?
The engine is the important missing detail!
Diesel or petrol?
Which one? What size?

Without hearing or seeing it I would guess at water pump or idler pulley bearing.
Maybe just a worn belt.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Ah, sorry. It is (I think) 2002 (02 plate). It is a 1.9l Diesel. At least I hope so, as that's what I've been feeding it. I am not sure which headlights it has, as the missus has taken it to work...
Does your car have Air-Condition?

It's probably a Mk. I...
Not that there's much different between Mk. I and II, really.

The Mk. II is known as the 'Facelift' model. Basically, they changed the front to improve the deformation zones to make it a bit safer, and at the same time introduced a few small changes.
On my car(1.4i Gasoline), the engine got an automatic tensioner for the timing belt, and also a slightly different water pump.

I don't think the 1.9 Diesel got any major changes, though.
Other than changing the type of fuel injection system used (Lucas, Siemens and Bosch)
not a lot of changes occurred to the 1.9D.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
First check is the fan belt, without engine running simply press the middle of the belt downwards, it should give a little around a cm or so, if not then its too tight, if it goes beyond 3 cm then its too loose. Also check for cracks, oil and broken teeth on the belt, if present then change belt.

2nd check would be pulleys and pumps which you need to listened too in a quiet place without background noise if possible. the difference between the noise each make is noticeable, a belt squeals like its missing a beat(slipping) whilst a pulley makes a more metallic sound of squeal but constant plus if any bearings have gone then your hear a clunking noise as well.

I would also check the alternator as this has a pulley that could fail as well.
Thanks for all the replies. We've adjusted the fan belt, and the squeal has gone away. Smile

I am not sure how to mark this as "Solved", but it is Solved. Smile
(22-08-2014, 07:23 PM)BernieBerlingo Wrote:  Thanks for all the replies. We've adjusted the fan belt, and the squeal has gone away. Smile

I am not sure how to mark this as "Solved", but it is Solved. Smile

Dropdown box at the top of the thread to the left hand side of the page with solved or unsolved options, just choose which one then click go

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