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Hey for Oz
Just joined to source some info on the Berlingo. 2 of us here in sunny Brisbane Australia are building a Mk1 and a Mk2 Berlingo full electric conversion. Yes we know about the Electric version of the Berlingo.

Both vans will have the same 144volt system with 120Amp 40 lithium-ion Nissan Leaf batteries. The DC electric motor is direct coupled to the grearbox without a clutch which is not the optimal way but a cheap and quick way to get the system up and running.

Range is expected to be 100kms plus and this will be my daily commute which is a easy 50mks plus extra 15kms on school pickup days... so well within the range.

I'm a Sheetmetal Worker by trade and the other Berlingo builder is a Siemens Engineer so we will have it covered pretty much but never owned or worked on a Citroen before... I have already gotten plenty tips like the pesky front bumper clips on the Mk2, for one.

As the project gets done I can do a page for it if there is interest.

FYI... I have a projects site for my race car and previous/future projects including the Berlingo.
Hello antOny welcome to the forum good to have you with us :thumbsup: what about solar panel's on the roof more mile's looking forward with interest Cool
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Thanks the other Berlingo will will possibly have a solar panel on the roof but this is only to charge the 12v battery that runs the lights, blinkers, radio etc.

You cant generate enough from a solar panel to charge 40 lithium-ion batteries to extend the range but you can use less of the main battery pack to run the rest of the car. So by not having an alternator people normally have a DC to DC charger that charges your 12V battery instead but in turn this reduces the available range.

There are 2 main things people add to a Full conversion system to replace what you generally have hanging off the motor... a electric power steering pump to replace the PSU and a vacuum pump for the brake booster. These 2 things pull a reasonable amount of power so I am going to make both run without. I did post in the Mk2 section about a Manual steering rack this will eliminate the first energy sucker.

The second is remove the brake booster. This is not a difficult thing, my race car has a "pedal box" I built myself which is fully adjustable and works very well... I will adopt that principle and do similar. The vacuum booster just gives a nice feel and takes the effort out of pushing the pedal but in a race car that is not what you want, you want direct connection between your foot and the pads and that feed back is constant.

Most car boosted systems run between 3:1 to 4:1 pedal ratio that is boosted... to get the same mechanical leverage the booster supplies you need 6:1 to 7:1 generally to achieve the same.

If I can achieve this then a normal deep cycle will run the normal systems without "charging" from the main battery pack and doing so I should achieve more kms. Only down side I will have to charge the 12v every time I charge the main battery pack... but back to the solar panel... if I have full sunny days then I doubt I will need to charge the 12v battery often.

Sorry a bit long winded.

[Image: IMG_2074.JPG]
It's coming along keep us updated i see what you mean about the solar pannel's Confusedalut:
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