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Brake light switch
I've done a search, but can't find an answer.

Is the brake light switch adjustable? On our's the lights don't come on until there is considerable movement/pressure on the pedal. Under gentle braking the lights don't come on.

Not the owner, just the bloke who looks after it.

ALL the owner does is drive it and put fuel in. Rolleyes
Yes the switch is adjustable, the push rod is on a ratchet, it clicks in & out similar to a cable tie.
Brilliant! Thanks very much.
Not the owner, just the bloke who looks after it.

ALL the owner does is drive it and put fuel in. Rolleyes
Has anyone adjusted the switch on a 1.6 HDi? Mine comes on as soon as the pedal is touched and sometimes stays on so I'd like to ease it off a bit. I think this problem came about last week when I was sorting out the clutch pedal.

Update, I found the switch location on catcar.

To remove the switch:
1, Remove the BSI cover to let some light in.
2, Remove the felt cover above the pedals by easing out the 3 press studs
3. Turn the switch 90 degrees anti clockwise and pull out.
4, Remove the wiring plug from the switch.

To reset the switch:
1, Pull the plunger gently out about 15mm, it has a strip of notches on both sides. If the plunger comes all the way out, push it back in by a few mm to make sure it's seated in the switch barrel.
2, With the switch barrel extended on it's spring, slide the red tab anti clockwise so that it lines up with the fixing lugs.

To reinstall:
1, Push the switch through the fixing hole, the notches on the plunger will click back to allow the switch through the hole & rest against the brake pedal.
2, Turn the switch 90 degrees clockwise to lock the switch in place and release the switch barrel. The pedal should move up a bit to take up the slack.
3, Refit the wiring plug.
4, Put the felt trim & BSI cover back.

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