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HDi struggles to start
Help needed for a friends 2.0 hdi van
2005. 140k
Struggles to start on the first turn of the key- sounds like a dead battery and then fires up 2 or 3 turns later.
New battery fitted 2 months ago
Full service 6 months ago
Any ideas?
it could be a lazy starter motor or even bad earths. might pay to make sure all the leads are clean and tight.
Terminals on the battery nice,clean and tight?

Battery fully charged, check don't assume as its new it will be fine , alternator could be dodgy.

Any rust on the earth straps? And connections.

Does your mate put his foot on the clutch whilst he starts it (makes starting easier)
First thing to check is the fuel filter make sure it was changed at the last service then Do as homeruk wrote if still no joy as landcrab wrote start looking at the starter it may be getting a bit slow and not cranking fast enough
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Having the same thing with mine,battery sounds as though its about to go flat before it starts,but its only 1 year old.So I changed the cable from the battery positive to the starter motor putting on one about half inch thick copper wires.the factory one is pencil thin.i did this started a lot better this morning but still the puff of smoke so im thinking its not the answer.will post in a couple of days.the motor spins with much more gusto though.
Do a search on 2.0HDI poor starting and you will see that they do suffer from starter motor problems. You can get a larger amperage one which also helps things.
hi there mine was the same this winter original battery and starter motor 2005 model just changed both at same time good as new mine would start but it was slow first turn and second a bit quicker then third bang it would fire so like i say mine was down to starter just changed battery for peace of mind ian
2005 multispace desire 2.0 hdi iron grey
the puff of smoke will happen because when the motor is turning over slow it is still putting fuel into the engine so when it do fire after a few spins the unburnt fuel burns giving the smoke. mine was doin the same until sorted. i still recomend a starter.
well todays first start was the same as others so the cable mod did nothing,looks like a starter may be in order.thanks.

anyone have numbers on a stronger starter motor,what make etc.
hi the one i got from ebay was .......CITROEN BERLINGO & PICASSO 2.0 2.2 HDi DIESEL HIGH POWER NEW STARTER MOTOR 99>
eBay item number:
this is a 1.8kw starter and has much more spinning power.
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