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[Engine] Another injector gone.!!!
This is the 2nd injector to fail on this vehicle, in 5,200 miles, from new.
It's never felt right from after the first 1000 miles or so, and then injector on cylinder 1 was duff. That was replaced and now about 1000 miles later, injector No.4 failed on Monday. Not the nicest of places for it to give up, lunchtime on the M5 in the 3rd lane, passing 3 heavy lorries in the first lane and two passing them in the 2nd lane. I was overtaking in the 3rd lane, got about 2 lengths in front of the leading lorry, and it cut out, really scary :eek: to chop them all up to get to the hard shoulder.

It's gone back into the dealers, great work from the RAC in getting out to us and getting it in and sorted.

So this has been a nightmare vehicle, unreliable. I made a fuss regarding them replacing just No.4 injector, spoke to Citroen and they are going to fit 4 new ones, as it's still under warranty. Apparently they say 'unheard of' :whistle: so I'm waiting to see what it's like when I get it back, a Friday afternoon Citroen, if ever there was one.
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue
Yes this sort of thing does make you lose faith in a car. Modern cars just seem to break down without warning unlike yrs ago when you usually noticed when something was on the way out. Only breakdown I've had with my XTR 110 in nearly 6yrs of ownership from new is failed egr valve at about 3.5rs, ie just out of warranty, lucky it started to fail on way home but car was dead in my drive next morning & I had to get the AA tow it to my local Cit garage. After some email dialogue with Cit UK they refunded me £300 of the £520 bill so could have been worse I suppose.

Apart from that incident car has always run sweet as a nut & 60k miles up now. I'm wondering how long to keep it, perhaps another couple of yrs at least or maybe longer. Paintwork & interior trim is still in good nick so I'm happy enough now. Good luck with yours, anyway. If it has 4 new injectors then should be job done.
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  • theraphosa
Thanks for the reply, I did my homework on the Mk3 Berlingo before buying, and generally it was all good. We had a neighbour that had well over 100K with no major problems, but that was the older 2ltr, and I'm thinking maybe they were a bit more reliable overall than the smaller 1.6, but you do see a lot of them around, and not many broken down on motorway, so fingers crossed, this should get it sorted, and I'll keep you posted when I get it back.
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue
just out of interest, what fuel do you use in your Berlingo, I've ONLY ever put Vpower diesel in mine from new, and it's on 48,000mls as of this afternoon, with not one issue, or hiccup, lack of power or any other fuel related arse clenching moments..

same with our 2 TDCI connects, 11 plate 105,000mls and 60 plate 95,000mls, world renowned for eating injectors, again using ONLY VPOWER Diesel, not one fuel system issue,
I'm a big believe in you get what you pay for.. decent service parts and great fuel do the vans the world of good

our Berlingo is a 63 plate 90
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
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  • ron, theraphosa
ATL_driver, agree with you 100% the day it came out of the garage with 2 gallon of dealer fuel, I filled it with V-power, and have done ever since, along with a BMW 2 ltr Msport Coupe, which has been no trouble in 4.5 years. As I said, it's never been right and then injector 1 packed up, that was changed, it still didn't feel right, but with No.4 going, still no dealer comment, but Citroen now admit there was a rouge batch of injectors, and on the fault code there was some kind of notification, for it to be checked out fully. This was, according to the dealer, why all 4 have now been changed.

I've picked it up at teatime and so far, after a 25 mile run, it's a different vehicle. It's smooth, more responsive, an intrusive flat spot that's been with it, more or less from new, which I complained about at the time, and was told 'no fault showing', has gone. So, there must be some more of these duff injectors, out there, I can't be the only one with 4, can I, !!! I'm happier with it now, and hope it settles in, with no more problems.
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue
glad it worked out in the end, now to get the miles on the clock, I enjoy driving the Berlingo so much more than the connects even though the connects handle better, the 'lingo has more low down grunt so much better van, short shifting etc,

I'd like to know more about peoples breakdowns and mileages of the breakdown, might start a breakdown post...
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
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  • theraphosa
Makes you wonder if your car had some contaminated fuel in it from the start, would explain the issues.
At least all is good now.
The nightmare continues!!!! The vehicle has now, after 80miles, with new injectors fitted, has a pronounced tapping on the over-run, when warm. There has been a light one, for a long while, it was reported before it's first service, and was dismissed, but now it's more pronounced. It is a metallic engine noise, sounds like a very loose tappet type of sound, the toffee hammer on the cylinder head, lol. Any way, the warrantee is short now, so I've opened a complaint with Citroen UK, as well as notifying the dealer, that it 'ain't right', and with a couple of other issues, I don't want to be landed with a big bill, out of warrantee.
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue
You need to take it back to the dealer and leave it with them until its sorted im afraid. Try and get a replacement vehicle given as this will make them repair your quicker.

If they come back saying no problems found tell them you want a report done by an independent engineer or a full refund.
Hi Polar, the way I feel about this vehicle now, I like the first bit you mentioned best, 'You need to take it back to the dealer and leave it with them'. With normal use, these faults would have been up in the first year, but it's a 2nd vehicle with light use, and not used for short runs, nothing less than 25 miles, so it's booked in for next week, and they are coming out with me, as they had thoroughly test driven it 23 miles, after the injectors were fitted.
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue

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