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Berlingo Family Pack Reviews?
Berlingo Family Pack Reviews?

I'm thinking of buying a second hand Berlingo with the 7-seat family pack. I can't find any reviews of the family pack since reviewers seem to only review the Grand Picasso or Fords. So, I have a few questions.

We will rarely use the third-row seats but it might be useful in the future for carrying grand parents, which is why we're thinking of this rather than a normal Berlingo. We expect the third-row seats will normally be folded up. We've read user reviews of the C4 Grand Picasso which highlight a number of problems, which is a shame since its occasional seats might have been better for us.

The Berlingo's middle row of seats is nearer to the front row. Does that make them uncomfortable for adults on two hour journeys? Can the middle seats move forward/back to add legroom when the rear seats are not occupied? Are the third-row seats comfortable for adults for similar journeys? Any dimensions available anywhere? Any problems encountered with child seats?

I believe all family pack cars are 90bhp 1.6l diesel. Any problems at motorway speeds, accelerating from 50 to 70 after road-works, or driving over speed bumps in 20mph zones?

Can you secure luggage in the vast boot when the third-row seats are folded or will my shopping fly around?

Is there a luggage cover for the 7 seater and does it hide everything in the boot when the back two seats are folded? Or do I need to remove the seats to cover the luggage area?

I assume the roof can take a luggage box if all seats are occupied.

If you remove the seats (weight) would it reduce CO2 and yearly tax or not make much difference or would it fail the MOT due to not having all the seats in? I guess removing the seats would improve the mpg but is it a significant difference? Any real-life mpg?

Would you recommend the family pack or a different car? Any problems?

Finally, since they are very large cars compared to my current car, are they easy to park/open front doors in normal sized parking spaces (rather than supermarket family sized car spaces)?


Thanks for any help answering any of the questions.
I'd be really interested in responses to these questions too. I currently have 3 kids with a 4th on the way so was considering the Berlingo with family pack. I hired a Berlingo on holiday in Spain a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it - so practical and spacious. I'm just not sure whether it would be big enough with 4 kids as half the boot would be taken up with one of the seats. I'd also like to know how big the 3rd row seat is and whether it is suitable for an adult (my eldest is 11 and really tall already). Also is there much room behind the 3rd row seat(s) when in use?

Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
Generally, the Berlingo is a nice car to drive. It's as easy to handle as a small car, but you sit higher so you get a better overview. (I don't have a Mk. III, though, but those I've met that drive it generally say the same as for the earlier models.)

7seater in a 5seater design...
Did anyone see that Top Gear episode?

You may be better off with a larger car, maybe a citroën Jumpy or something in that size.
I'd never put people in the last row of a 7 seater. Chances of survival in a rear end accident are severely reduced. I remember a discussion on this topic years ago on the forum and the conclusion was the same. Go for something more substantial with better protected rear seating.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

I totally agree with 3rensho about the safety aspect of the 3rd row of seats - I wouldn't feel safe carrying adults or children in them on motorways as at those speeds a rear end shunt would give virtually no protection for those passengers

However, if they are only used occasionally for short local trips at fairly low speeds, then that would be OK

on long journeys, i don't even carry my dogs in the back, I fold up/remove the 2nd row of seats and put their crates as far forward as possible and pill up the baggage in the back of the car

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