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Air lock in brake system
I attempted replaced the rear brake lines on my 2005 2.0 HDI van at the weekend with new copper pipes. Clamped the rubber brake pipes so i could remove the old coroded lines. Took them to my local Car accessories shop to get some new ones made up. When i got back the drivers side brake clamp had dropped offSad and there was lots of brake fluid in the container that i had put under the rear hub to catch any spills. I think the master cylinder ran dry. I have topped up the system and tried to bleed the system but there seems to be a airlock somewhere that i cant get out. Also the STOP light is flashing on the dash. I have bled the front with no problems but the back seems to be a right pain. This is really doing my head in now. Cant get the brake pedal to go firm and when i turn the engine on the brake pedal is really easy to press.Is there a knack of removing an air lock or does the master cylinder need to be bled. Any help would be appreciated.
They can be a git to bleed at the back. Some mechanics undo the rear bleed nipples and leave for a few hours.

First off the master cylinder reservoir has a habit of leaning forward slightly so its best to get the front of the Berlingo higher than the rear.

If you havent got en easy bleed then you really need someone to help you bleed the back defo.

If all else fails like i said open the nipples and leave for a while.
Could it be the load valve on the rear axle needs locking open?

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Don't worry about the stop light, that's on because of the airlock , it will disappear once the brake fluid has been refilled.

Ideally you need to pressure bleed your brakes with an eazibleed or similiar which should force the air lock out.
I agree with with the rear raised to encourage the air to migrate.Have somebody to keep the reservoir full.Confusedalut:
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It's your LSPV causing this trouble. Most people suggest to raise the car when you do the rear bleeding. Im making my own bleeding kit but I will post results in my own brake trouble thread once I buy a flare tool.
When I replaced the rear slave cylinder in my van I clamped the flexi hose yet still had major problems bleeding the system. I'm well used to bleeding brakes without problems, but could only sort it with an eezy bleed kit, which I normally hate to use.
Make sure the load sensing valve is open as if you were carrying a load to get a good flow get the back of the berlingo up as much as you can so the air want's to flow that way with two people one to pump the peddle and fill up brake fluid if need one to do the bleed nut or a bleeding kit
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And as Jed above said about the valve and use a ezibleed kit but reduce the air pressure in the tyre before using. If your not getting fluid/air out of the system check the flexibles. The flexible pipes on the rear can breakup inside and stop fluid/air passing through.
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Well after several attempts with several methods, ended up buying an eezibleed kit well woth £16 job done in 20mins. Thanks for all the info.

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