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non starter
First indications were rough running in petrol mode, get it to lpg and all is better.

Berlingo 1.4 petrol/lpg 2007.
It sounds like it will start, revs nearly settle, but dies.
Changed fuel pump and filter.
Checked loads of wires.
I have three coil packs
1 or 2 injector sets
I was able to get the temp up to change to lpg mode and the car runs!!!
I have fixed many little problems like air getting into manifold and
a snapped lpg injector wire.
Nothing is helping. same old same old
Tried my new big battery and it did try to start a little longer 2 secs more
Now my key fob has stopped working,
I am now totally confused
I have a code reader, have been plugging away at these, mostly air leaks until all gone.
I do have some new ones will try and read today.
Starts, then dies could be a blocked catalytic converter...
Thanks for suggestion
new cat, and exhaust 2 months old.
My last drive was a 500 mile trip up north and back,
The faults started after this, keeping the petrol going until I could switch to gas. Temperature sensor reads a little less than air temp, but a few failed cranks and it shoots up past.!!

And help welcome
I 'm not familiar with the LPG system on the Berlingos , obviously it looks like the fuel (petrol) side is not working right.
Do you start on petrol and when up to temp. it swiches to LPG automatically? Is there a solenoid or valve that cuts off the petrol and lets the LPG through?. If so could that be the problem.?

If it runs on LPG the electrics must be OK so I would suspect Petrol fuel lines as you've changed the fuel filter and there is nothing blocking the airways. Is the petrol running freely out of the petrol tank and nothing in the tank blocking the outlet?
Have you tried dribbling petrol into the air intake to see if it tries to start that way.

My only experience on duel fuel systems was an old petrol/paraffin tractor and that was turning off the petrol when it was warm enough to run on the paraffin.


Generally, a petrol engine will start and run if it has:
Fuel injected, compression, a spark, and exhaust.
If something is 'slightly off' it should still run, if lumpy.

As it runs on LPG we can be pretty certain that it has compression and exhaust working.
Can LPG 'self detonate' like Diesel, or does it need a spark?

I'd start by checking:
1. Cam belt is tight and correct.
2. Fuel pressure. It should be about 4Bar. (You need a gauge to connect to the schrader valve at the end of the reservoir to measure properly.)
3. Spark. It's not that easy to check for spark in a car with a coil cassette, but...
Something like these may help:

Do you have Lexia ?
Again thanks for the input,
I have just done a successful bsi reset, door locks working again
I have been looking at the alternator.
I replaced mine with one from a scrap yard c2.
Can not remember if it had 1 or 2 wire connector on it.

It has worked in the past for a few weeks, but I found the single red wire plug was easy to pull out of its socket. i renewed the plug and now clicks into place.

The engine starts, and now begins to hunt for its base revs, but dies.
I now get about 10 sec of engine. only on the first turn of the key, The battery does not like turning the second time and so on, will try old battery, in 5 mins.

Does anyone else have an alternator with one single red wire into a plug, with a dummy green bung in it. What side is the red wire on?

The lpg system it is best forgotten about until the petrol is working, it takes its orders from the petrol side.
I have a new condenser on, with the a new solenoid.

I have an elm327 cheap diagnostics setup. What is the cheapest way of getting my hands on a lexia.

I have a few ideas left, and I promise to report final outcome.
(24-09-2014, 08:47 AM)HALLA Wrote:  I have an elm327 cheap diagnostics setup. What is the cheapest way of getting my hands on a lexia.

For your model you can buy the cheapest you can find. Around $60
Hi all,
still the same, it could be anything so I have bought the lexia kit from ebay.  
I'll work on this for a few days and post any finding, 
I can smell rotten eggs from my new cat!!
best to go slow
Are their any good sites to learn more about the lexia, planet software 
Still not working, tax run out, sorned.
new temp sensor
New/Used alternator (**** single red wire at the top of connector **) is this right
New/Used starter
redesigned the lpg layout , with a new/used inlet manifold.
changed to the hard rubber injector connector
New battery big bosch, First crank was the best, nearly their. cuts out after 10 secs.
Second crank: not so powerful quick rejection, and so on. Just refuses to start.
The fuel pump I can hear humming away after cranking, not so before cranking.
Lexia is refusing to connect may need to change back to xp.
I am changing the fuel pump, for a new/used one, checking the pipes and charcoal canister!
I have changed so much wiring and sensors that it would be unfair to carry on with this thread.
I will start a new thread when I have things settled.

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