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Knock knock!
So i've noticed, of late, that my Mk1 van is making a knocking noise on road imperfections.
There's no steering issues, no unusual tyre wear, and the noise only seems to happen (or, at least, is only audible) at slower speeds. Paying more attention, it does eem that it's only coming from the front left side. I can't see anything obvious, nor feel any wear in any components, but then I don't really know what I'm trying to find...
Ours was the bottom ball joint. You need to give it a really good shake to see any play. The other thing people mention is the anti roll bar drop links.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Look at the front springs right up at the top jack the berlingo right up to get a good look
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On mine it was knocking inside the shock. Grip the tyre at 12 0 clock with one hand and rock it while feeling the top mount with the other hand.
Thanks guys, just heading back out to have another look. I had a spring break a couple of years ago, and it's a very different sound to what that made...
I would say it's the anti-roll bar drop links too. Very common fault and your sysmptoms match.

The nearside tends to go first as there's more pot holes that side, but I have always changed both as a pair as the other side is normally not far behind it. They are less than £10 each to buy.
Hmmm, lots of wiggling, shaking, prodding, pulling and pushing, and no apparent signs of wear. Maybe it's me being a numpty...
Ive had that noise before, As landmark said bottom ball joint clamp bolt and nut, you can't feel it when you waggle it, but the nut might not be tight enough, particularly if you've had some work done on it recently and the bolt wasn't replaced, the thread had gone on mine and it wouldn't tighten properly.
Had another shake and wiggle today, and went over all the fasteners to check if all was tight. The nearside drop links could be tightened by about a sixteenth of a turn, but everything was tight. Also went over all the offside, actually found a bit of play at top of wheel when rocked, but all fasteners were tight... Might just do the drop links anyway (it's done 120 thou miles) given that they're so cheap.
i reckon new drop links will sort it. esp if its a loud almost door knocking kind of knock.

Ball joints tend to make it drive bad before making them selves noticed in an vocal capacity.

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