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[Transmission] Creaking clutch pedal
Hi everyone..I recently purchased a 1.6hdi berlingo van on 2012 plate with 34 k mileage and after a service and brake fluid change I noticed a creak when last inch of clutch pedal pressed but over last 500 miles especially when warm the creak is from at least half way when pedal pressed and slight vibration felt through pedal when changing gears..having someone press pedal whilst leaning over engine the noise radiated from end of slave cylinder where the piston locates in pivot arm so the dealer removed it, cleaned and re lubricated slave cylinder and everything the same but now saying release bearing and will get worse then new clutch required? What's your thoughts? Am open to suggestions and advice..cheers
I would have to agree.

Do you have a warranty?
I have had a strange thing with my pedal on my 63 plate 90, the last 10% of pedal felt forced so to speak, like you really have to move something extra, always been like it since it was new, but got no worse or better including the squeak like you speak of, but after wading a flood the other day the pedal was beautiful and light and uniform in it's use,

mines on 53,000mls now and hasn't got worse or better
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
I'm glad I'm not alone on the what might seem to some as a minor gripe! Regards warranty I bought from place where none given..had to pay extra for one and having had one on previous vehicle that never paid out, I'm a bit anti warranty..saying that I did buy can on this age on purpose because of manufacturers warranty , who I took it to get the creak diagnosed and after three visits they tell me it's release bearing and not covered..same goes for creaks and squeaks apparantly!
(15-10-2014, 12:26 AM)homeruk Wrote:  I would have to agree.

Do you have a warranty?

So do you think release bearing is probable fault from description and new clutch the eventual fix?
Afraid so yes,

Far better however to change all three clutch parts (cover,plate and bearing) given the amount of work required.

Also use high quality components too.
(19-10-2014, 04:32 PM)homeruk Wrote:  Afraid so yes,

Far better however to change all three clutch parts (cover,plate and bearing) given the amount of work required.

Also use high quality components too.

Ok start saving for the bill...and hope it's a gradual thing...fingers crossed!

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