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limp mode after run and switched off for a while
hello all.

i have a 2004/2005 2.0 hdi diesel that runs great, economical, has 'oomph' when needed.


if i drive somewhere and start the engine again after 20 or 30 mins, i get the engine warning light and limp mode.

it is fine if i car is stopped longer, i guess engine has cooled down?

sometimes, a few start and stop of engine fixes the problem, if not i am forced to do an ecu reset..

(ign on, remove battery positive, ign off, touch positive on battery to earth, reconnect positive, wait a few mins, start engine).

anyone have any ideas?

I'd get a code reader on it to see what error messages are showing, if any.
hi there,

sorry, i meant to add that i did once get a mechanik to read the ecu and it showed clutch switch possible fault and water temp sensor, i changed the water temp sensor and the mechanic suggested it wouldn't hurt to change fuel filter, which i also did.
for a week or so i thought it was fixed, then same issue.
problem is, from my searches on t'internet, even if i do blow 100 quid on a reader, no guarantee it would be of any help as the seimens units are prone to false readings?

i will also add it vary rarely gets used on long runs at speed, something i have since learned is not ideal for diesels.

anyone experienced my actual problem?

ta! sg,
You need to read the codes,

Your working blind if you don't as it could be any number of things.

You can get a reader off eBay for a tenner which uses an app on your smartphone called torque.

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