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[Engine] Dont start
Hi, last week i had bought a berlingo with damaged cylinder head gasket.. It was not in running condition.. I take it to a mechanician he tell that cylinder head need to b polished and to change gasket.. Today we had asssembled all parts.. But the alternator was not connected.. The engine doesnot start after lot of try.. The mechanician removed the cylinder head cover and after checking he tell me that the parts*(that is over the spring in the cylinder head) is not turning. Two are blocked.. Remaining six are rotating despite press by camshaft.. So he said the defect is that.. Berlingo 1.9 diesel and battery was in good condition. Please help me. I want to know what really is the prob?? In mauritius there are few mechanician that repairs french cars
I'm not certain what is rotating or not...
(Pictures is a good idea)

Pleae note that when fitting the new head gasket, new head bolts is advised. And if any one of them measures more than 125.5mm, a new set is REQUIRED.
(They've thn been stretched too far and may fail... catastrophically... )
The bolts shuld be lightly greased, lowere carefully and tighteneed 'finger tight'.
Then they should all be tightened to 20Nm(15 lb/dt) in a circular pattern.
Stage two tightening is then the same pattern but to 60Nm(44lb/ft)
and finally the third stage, which is to tighten every bolt a further 180degrees.

Failure to do this the right way can damage the bolts, the gasket, the head or even the crankcase.

The Camshaft.
The camshaft rests on top of the 'camshaft followers', and must be removed to adjust the valve clearance.
Thiss is a 'BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL' operation.
See the blocks holding the camshaft down?
Notice that they are numbered?
(They need to go back in the same position, and the same orientation.)
To release those, you need to carefully slacken the bolts one turn at a time. or you risk those blocks being damaged.
These blocks are factory-matched to the cylinder head, and replacements cannot be bought!

Adjusting valve clearances is done by replacing shims under the camshaft followers.

A full description of how to properly disassemble all this and pit it back together can be found in the 'disonnect battery first' series of books from Haynes...
(Owners workshop manual)
you want the one with 'Citroën Berlingo & Peugeot PArtner 1996 to 2010 (P to 60 registration) Petrol & Diesel' on the cover.
Haynes manual 4281

Or the online version:
(you subscribe for either a year or a lifetime)
Thanks.. The fault was the cylinder head was not well polished
It's strange how little dirt it takes to cause problems. Especially when you consider how dirty the engine compartment or the engine tends to be...

How is the car otherwise?
Running good?
Yeah but to start it it take some time in the morning..

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