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Rattle is driving me mad!
I've just found this forum, even though I am now on my third Berlingo Multispace. My present car (April 2013) has the most annoying rattle emanating from the near rear side corner. It's been back to the garage three or four times, but they can't find the fault. On the last occasion as I drove to the garage the rattle stopped. Then it started again the next day. Infuriating! It's not coming from the shelf, spare wheel or the seat belt anchorages. It is so annoying that I'm seriously thinking of getting rid of the car. This latest Berlingo Multispace is perhaps the worst of the three I've had, to be honest, particularly the suspension which is bumpy to say the least. I like the car for the room it gives me - I regularly transport two full-size bicycles inside along with loads of luggage when we go over to France.

So, any ideas anyone to get rid of this rattle? Any help would be appreciated.
Hello tezzerh welcome to the forum sorry to learn about you rattle some rattle more than other's in different place's to pinpoint it will be hard so it's a pull it apart take thing's out and put them back till you find it sit in the back as some one else is driving best of luck
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Thanks for the response, Jed. The Citroen dealers said they wouldn't start taking panels out as "that can cause more rattles"! We've tried sitting in the back while someone else drives, but I'll give that another go and check the window (mentioned in another thread I've just noticed). That's about the only thing I've not thought of. It's driving me scranny!
Is the rattle only when the car is moving or is it when it is stationary.
Only when it's moving.
it's not the exhaust tail pipe is it?

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Garage say they've checked the exhaust. In fact, I've decided to change the car. I would have been ready to do so in a couple of months anyway and have got a better deal than in the coming March. I'm trading it in and the garage know all about the rattle, so I'm trusting them to cure it before they re-sell it.
I still like Berlingos!!! I've done a lot of looking around and research about alternative motors and can honesty say there isn't one that meets all my requirements. I often carry a couple of bikes and loads of luggage inside the car. Also, I've been shocked to find how many models of cars now come without a spare wheel. I really don't want a car with one of those "flat repair kits".
Thanks to all who have tried to help me here. I shall be a regular visitor to the forum from now on. Hopefully, I won't have any rattles when I get my new Berlingo!
Sham about the rattle's hope your new Berlingo is rattle free best of luck
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It's not the large plastic wheel scotch come loose inside the spare wheel causing the rattle is it? Or, maybe a rear light bulb come apart inside the light fitting? There are also lots of body cavities inside which nuts and bolts could be trapped. You might need someone in the back with a stethyscope listening all over as you drive along the road! Good luck in finding it.
I'd try the airfield pipe that runs at the side of the engine between the battery,  it vibrates loose and rattles it's nut of when driving. My mate works for peugeot and he says it's a common fault. I'm thinking of replacing mine with silicone hose if it's possible. 

2009 Citroen Berlingo 1.6hdi Lx van
1999 Peugeot 406 V6se coupe 

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