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[Warning Light] Cold starting
Hi can anyone help with a problem I have on a 2001 1.9D 600 berlingo van. On cold early mornings when I try to start, the warning lights on the dash randomly flash on and off, the clock resets itself to 1.00 and I am unable to start the engine. A mobile mechanic put it down to a cold battery and advised me to wrap a blanket over the battery and engine over night to help, but this doesnt seem to work. The last time, Sunday morning the dashboard light came on and when I removed ignition key, dash light and warning lights stayed on. On the Sunday evening I tried again the fairy lights were on for first two attempts and then all was well and it started. Thanks in anticipation of a response.
What a load of old tosh some of these so called mechanics come out with and fine idea until one morning when you are in a rush and forget the blanket until it is dragged around the pulleys on the engine !!!! Unfortunately my 2004 2.0HDI has an occasional wobbly with the instrument lights but after two or three starts will usually sort itself out. I suspect a bad earth or connection somewhere
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As an aside the 1.9 valves tighten up enough to cause starting probs.Normally after 100,000m or so.It's worth checking.  Dodgy
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Have you got two key's if you have try the other key if that work's ok you may need to change the battery in the old key or the transponder is not recognize the key enc the light's
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Are you sure your battery is ok. The fact the clock re-sets itself seems to me like it's lost power. If you have a volt meter it should be about 12.75 volts when fully charged and with engine running about 14.5 v.
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Change your mechanic!! It is no longer 1950!  Rolleyes
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New battery time.
new batterry time+1
Sorry for not responding before, been busy and have just found time to look at responses. Thankyou to all who have. The mechanic did check the battery with his tester and said that it was ok, but I will get a second opinion. 

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