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[Engine] Injector
Hi all,

I have an issue with 1 of my injectors. The last one on the right is all wet (other 3 are fine). I had the injector seals done 2 years ago and also changed the leak off pipe.

Would you know what else would be causing this?

Thank you

Which engine?

Any chance of a picture?

Its the 1.6 HDI engine.

I haven't got that car on me today so will try to take a picture tonight.
Its all wet around/on the injector.

When driving home last night the car suddenly started sounding rougher, Just seems to be knocking more than usual now.



please find attached some pictures.

It seems to get louder as well when it warmer.

Thank you


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Sad  Sorry to say i think the seal on No 4 need's doing again you can try to retorx to 25 NM get it done ASAP as it will not do the oil in the engine any good
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Sorry took so long to get back to you but missed you repost!

Yes from your picks i would say injector seal! However dont get to hung up on 25NM torque i always do them TIGHT without breaking anything - use your feel and common sense.
Were the injector pipes replaced as well ? It looks like they are leaking round the unions and they are single use according to the manual. The diesel escaping from the injectors can't get into the engine oil only if it is getting past the rings.
So where does this bit go then ?
Thanks all. I have having the injector recon'd this week. Hopefully they will give me new seals.
Does anybody know the part number for the pipes?


The local injector specialist has taken it apart and was surprised it wasn't leaking more. he said the ball in it was all pitted and there are replacement insides coming and i should get it back tomorrow.


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