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[Engine] Turbo help
Hi everyone

I have a citroen berlingo hdi 1.6, recently had the engine reconditioned and a new turbo fitted from a local garage. was working fine until the turbo started cutting in and out.

I took it back and they tried several things but to no avail, still no turbo.

they put a cheap euro spares turbo on and have replaced the pressure solenoid but still no joy. They wanted to charge me £440 for this but i didn't pay and I'm now stuck with this problem.

Can anyone point me in the direction I can try to fix on my own? at the moment the turbo kicks in for about 5 seconds every 5 minutes. There is also smoke coming out the exhaust

Many thanks hope you can help
Also should add had the oil change at 500 miles after running in the engine at 40mph and this is when all the problems began
(20-01-2015, 09:35 PM)unibiggle Wrote:  Also should add had the oil change at 500 miles after running in the engine at 40mph and this is when all the problems began

Tray to disconnect wastegate on the turbo. If it is vacuum controlled just remove the pipe.
Take it for spin. But then you can get into limp mode because of over pressure !
Do you have some OBD reader ?
This fault is going to be difficult to diagnose without some information from Lexia or similar.
They may have cracked the vacuum capsule at the rear of the engine, or trapped one of the vac pipes . Both these things are easy to do.
Throwing parts at it is not the way forward.
I would inform them of your intention to get the car looked at by someone who is knowledgable enough to find the fault, and send them the bill.i am sure you have spent plenty already.
What colour is the smoke coming from the exhaust?

Did they remove the sump and modify the oil pick up also did they modify the oil supply line to the turbo.

Have you checked the turbo for excessive play in the bushes?
Thanks for the replies. The smoke looks grey until the turbo kicks in and then a big puff of dark black comes out.
Is the waste gate the pipe at the bottom of the turbo?

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Also how does the solenoid work? Where does the voltage come from and how is it applied to pull the solenoid in? Also where do the pipes on it go? Has anyone got a full schematic of the turbo pipes and wiring? Thanks

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Also round the injectors there is a lot of fluid? Is this a problem?

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I hope someone will come forward with the schematic you require but as previously stated you do need to get a proper diag done.

The fluid around the injectors, you say you had a recon engine fitted so there should be no fluid there Diesel or oil.
They reconned the bottom end as far as I know the rest was original. Sorry I know nothing about engines. Would new seals help with the injector problem?

I do need a complete diagnosis done. Currently trying to get the company to acknowledge there poor work and rectify it but not getting anywhere fast

Thanks for all info peeps

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