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towbar wiring
Got a new 75hp l1 berlingo 2 weeks ago. Got a bosal towbar bolted it on grand last night. Now trying to wirer up the light socket with the relay. Read the posts here first, looked straight forward enough, took off the left hand panal and find feck all connectors just wires going to the lights and one lot with a joiner going to the middle brake light. No heavy white wire thats the power for the relay unit and no rh indicator wire. The earth is there alright . I was thinking of running a power wire under the floor cover from the power socket on the rhs. Anyone seen this or have citroen done some cut back on the wiring to save a couple of pennys
I can't help you with the wring of the electrics as I bought the genuine Citroen loom for about £126, but I can say that the power socket on the rhs only works when the ignition is on, so not really suitable.

If you don't have the thick white wire and socket behind the rear left panel, you can get permanent power from a socket in the fuse box behind the glove box

Permanent live fitted as standard to some models - marked as no.1 in the picture
[Image: livefeed.jpg]

If you don't have the cable and socket in picture 1, you can lay your own and connect it to where the cable in picture 1 would connect in to the fuse box behind the glove box
[Image: glovefuse.jpg]

To get live to the socket, you need to put a 40amp maxi fuse in to the fuse box in the engine compartment. The top of the fuse box needs to be lifted up to reveal the maxi fuses
[Image: fusebox.jpg]
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Thanks Ntm. Nothing on the lhs just the loom going to the lhs lights. Anyway i brought 3 wires from the rhs to lhs. One for rhs indicator one for rhs tail light and one for power from the socket. You are right not a permanent supply but is this nescessary? The unit beeps every time i turn on the ignition. Maybe im wrong but i would have tought it better not have it powered up all the time. If necessary i will run a new power wire from the fuse box. Anyhow all is working perfectly now and the unit beeps while indicating with the lights pluged in. I was also able to thread the 3 wires tru the box frame over the rear doors so no wire are exposed in the back and they are inside. Thanks again for taking the trouble to reply.
Glad you got it working OK.

I was lazy and bought the genuine Citroen loom which is just plug and play - more expensive mind you

The reason I said that the power socket may not be suitable is that if you stop the car/trailer/caravan etc and want to leave the side lights on, the trailer/caravan lights will go out when the ignition is turned off
Ah yeah i see. I won't be towing a caravan just a trailer on occasions. So should be find the way it is. Thanks again

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