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I'm selling my Citroen Berlingo on Ebay (images on the link)

'Why' I hear you ask?

It's a vehicle that has been approved by the car god Jeremy Clarkson.  '

Well', I reply, it's because:  
I liked it, 
as did my son,  
It made trips away fun,  
It's got so much room inside,  
With places in which to hide,  
All the stuff you need,  
When you go out with your creed,  
So sad to see it go,  
But my wife passed her test and said NO! 

 'I don't like this silver thing',  
Like an opera singer, she sings,  
It's too big and it's not cool, 
It makes me look a fool,  
I want something small and smart,  
Within which I can dart,  
A jazz or Prius too,  
So this is what You'll do: 

Put one of your smart arse ads in a forum,  
To see if you can sell 'em…,  
…This car that you quite like,  
Even though I think it's shite.  

All inspections welcome. Infact I insist because you bid to buy, not to come, have a cup of tea then say you changed your mind. 

When you click to bid and you win the auction it's like being at the alter. You are saying 'I Do', you are not Hugh Grant in 4 Weddings and a Funeral.   

OK, about the car. There are a few little marks on it, it's not perfect. It's a 2.0 Diesel, which means it's surprisingly sprightly despite being of 2005 vintage and good on diesel. It's tires are all good and it has the desirable mondultop (whoooo!) and a collapsible trolly in the boot (another Whoooo).  

It's been extremely reliable, despite being French, which normally means bits fall off it. Actually, the cover fell off the boot, but I bought some new clips so this no longer creates the comedy moment where you open the huge boot and you end with concussion as the plastic trim falls off on your head. But this should no longer happen, but I accept no liability if this happens again. Wear a crash helmet if you are concerned.  

It's MOT'd until September (if I remember rightly). It passed the last one with no problems. It goes forward and backward, stops, goes around corners and has seats, air conditioning, electric windows in the front, actual windows in the back, windscreen wipers and lights at the front, which is really helpful at night.  The doors are a brilliant addition for getting in and out, the rear ones slide, which means that, with children, it's far easier getting in and out without having to move spaces in the car park when your little treasure flings open the door leaving a little coloured message on the car next to you. Oh, it's done about 102,000 miles, which is a little tinkle in the sea of souls for such a fine piece of engineering. 

However, it is in daily use as I have a little darling who we shuffle off to nursery every day and I can't be arsed to walk there and back as it's over an hour round trip if I walk on my own and it's quicker walking to the moon and back if I go with the little one and his scooter. The government takes £180 of my earth pounds each year for tax.  Bids welcome. I'd like to get about £2000 for it, but if anyone is feeling generous, I'd accept up to £500,000 (said the eternal optimist).  However, if someone does pay above £10,000 I will throw in a tank of diesel.  For half a million I will throw in the wife.  Lastly, I'd like to note that the squashed can of Fosters in the road is nothing to do with me. Hic. 

Pick up from Sydenham in SE London, which is reason enough to bid as it's the centre of the universe.  Hmm, Ebay actually put an option in this category for posting! I will not post this as I don't have enough stamps.
Good luck with it, pics of the interior might help out.
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You ought to add  " air conditioning" to your ebay ad title , it appears to be a bit of a rarity on our Berlingos  .
on my watch list just before i signed up to the forum Smile +1 on pictures of the inside
A Jazz i can understand but a Prius  Dodgy best of luck with your sale  Wink
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Thanks guys. sorry to be leaving the Berlingo world. I quote like the Prius, as does pretty much everyone who's owned one.

I've uploaded a load of images of the inside. If anyone want's to come and have a look, get in touch. Still a week to go. Annoyingly the back door handle went floppy today on the sliding door, but I've ordered the pin and I will fix it this week.

It does have air con, which works pretty well. I also put an image of the engine on the ebay ad. It's fairly clean considering the tine of year and we had a few trips on the motorway!
pics are loads better Smile some of the seat colours are rank! looking at others on the bay
good to see ones in yours are just plan and normal
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  • lee

I've been asked a fair bit about this:
The cam belt/timing belt, tensioner and idler as well as the faux drive belt were don't at 74293 miles.

There is service history with a mixture of receipts and stamps for the following:

12236 miles
24555 miles
36662 miles
49091 miles
61474 miles
74219 miles (timing belt changed)
86256 miles
91327 miles
94417 miles
100,065 miles

I also have the original manual, the box thingy in the boot and as shown in the pictures on the bay ad and the warning triangle under the drivers seat.


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