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Suspension clunk?
Everytime i go over a bump, the near side front suspension makes a clunk\doink which sounds like the coil spring, cant feel anything wrong with the spring though? any idea's?:whistle:
It was a worn wishbone balljoint and worn droplinks on mine.

Theres another post at the minute about the same thing
How can i tell if the ball joint is bust? im not to sure if this is the problem as this clunk is pretty load mate!!!
i had a broken spring replaced and the garage had not seated the top bearing correctly which caused a twang on bumps and turns.
it only twangs when going over bumps or pot holes, doesnt do it when turning!! what should i be looking for when inspecting the van?
On changing spring, discovered that it had snapped behind the bottom cups, also changed top bearing which was shot!!!
I had this recentlyand replaced both springs. One was cracked about 2 inches from the end within the top cup and the other about 1/3rd of the way from the top. No doubt it was helped by some rather vicious speedbumps been put in around here but I was advised on mentioning it that it was probably the salt from during the winters snow!
51 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte
How much does this cost? / How easy a fix? I've had this sound since I've had the car but by the time I get out I always forget, so have never got around to mention it. Anyone in the car finds it a feature of my car lol

53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White
(09-08-2011, 07:20 PM)lemsworld Wrote:  I've had this sound since I've had the car but by the time I get out I always forget, so have never got around to mention it.

Not something else to do with the mother-in-law is it Liam :?::?::lol:Big Grin:lol:Big Grin:lol:Big Grin:lol::

Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
the down side to changing the spring is that, well what i found is that on trying to release old anti roll bar links aswell as the track rod end, they sieze and have to be grinded off!!! new oem parts are a bit more expensive but work it, along with a long coil spring compressor and new upper strut bearing and bottom arm seen as your going full hog cost me around 185 but that includes the compressors. and around 7 hours potching for the amateur for the first side. im hoping the other-side will be easier to do now i know whats involved, but hey, what would a garage charge for it, and you have your own piece of mind on the job mate. a bottle jack is dead handy on pressing the strut back into the hub, and make sure you aline the strut lump into the hub split aswell as using the jack to help press new arm ball joint into the hub, a torque wrench doesnt go amiss also!!! hope this gives you piece of mind to go for it, aswhen you get it done, satisfacton is garuateed believe me....
i forgot to say that you can take 60 off as the springs which are qh and the arms which were tru part came as a pair at 120!!!! good night

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