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Serious Berlingo Issue, Please Help !
Hi All, This is a desperate plea for help, the story is long and involved so please bear with me.

I own a 55 plate Berlingo 1.9d which I believe has the dw8 style engine, im no mechanic but its the engine that has a green cool&temp sensor with another blue sensor next to it.

I shall now begin, the van will simply not turn over off the key, we have replaced the battery as that was shot to bits, we gave the van to a garage that said the fault was down to the fuel pump (the lucas type). after install new fuel pump, the issue is exactly the same, the engine will start when u spray brake cleaner into the inlet manifold. once the engine is warm it will intermittently continue to tick over and will start off the key when hot ! but as soon as you put any load on the engine. the minute u lift off the throtte it cuts dead !

We have also recently had an auto electrician look at the data, and came up with a fault that the ecu was not matched to the advance solenoid on the fuel pump, we paired them via a program and the fault still exists.

when running tests apparently the advance solenoid was asking for 4% fuel but was producing 20% which is obviously flooding the engine and explains why it wont start.

the auto electrican seems to think there may be a wiring fault from ecu to advance solenoid.

has anybody had a simular issue that can help as this is really getting me down now Sad i really want to use my van again.

please help guy's

much appreciated

I've only just glanced over this thread, so appologies if shite help is given to you by me.

Might help bypass a dodgy solenoid?
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Cheers buddy, thanks for the link but this seems to be an older model engine, mine is the ecu controlled dw8 the fuel pump looks completely different to mine, as the solenoid is in the bottom of the fuel pump, but we did have to do something similar as the old solenoid had to be placed to the new fuel pump as it's matched to the ecu apparently
A couple of things here would seriously bother me.
If the garage has made its diagnosis and duly fitted a part that possibly wasn't required, why then did they not go on to complete the job and get your van running properly.
May I assume that the garage charged you for the time and the part?
To be fair you brought them a sick engine and they said that they could repair it.....they didn't and in my book that's "No charge".
If the solenoid wasn't a correct match to the ECU doesn't this suggest that the pump assembly fitted is not the correct type?
Why did the auto-electrician not check the wiring harness using a wiring diagram and a meter if he thought that there maybe a wiring fault.
If the combustion chambers were filling with diesel then I'm not too surprised that the battery was totalled!
None of this is much help to you but I would be going back to the garage for a solution or finding a Citroen repairer who is competent.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Cheers for the reply, fair play to my mechanic he hasnt charged me, to be honest I think its doing his head in now, the auto electrician was a friend of a friend who just did me a favor to help to diagnose the fault, the fuel pump is the lucas delphi type, its obviously and overfueling issue, but we just need to work out if its advance solenoid, stop solenoid, or wiring loom, the electrician seems to think its a wiring issue, but im not too sure, so hence why im seeking the advice to see if peeps have had the same issue.

i mean the only other thing to add, is theres hardly any fuel pressure, when u crack the nuts to the injectors u get a damp squib of pressure, when you should be getting 120bar apparently.

just getting really frustrating now, thanks for your help

Right! Well, it sounds as if its time to find someone with the specialist knowledge and equipment required. I'll bet your mechanic must know someone in the trade........Good luck!:thumbsup:
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
thank you buddy, much appreciated
just bought a new (well to me) berlingo and saw that the dealer had wrapped the ecu in a plastic bag. He said it was to protect it during steam cleaning of the engine as they are damaged by water. Obvious really. Electronic devices are notoriously fragile. Just a thought. I agree with the last post, time to get the right professional with all the kit on the job.
At last, issue solved, i got impatient and started having a go myself, removed the injectors and tested fuel pressure. all was ok. so i did a compression test on all 4 cylinders. cylinder 3 was a bit slow but eventually got to 22bar after around 7 cranks. lost my rag in the end and ripped the head off, hey presto 3 tiny cracks in the head gasket.

problem solved.

Thanks to all who helped.


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