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Fuel sender/guage wiring!!
I've got a 2000/01 Berlingo here in Brazil, manufactured in Argentina. I would hope that the wiring and colour coding is consistent with the European models discussed here. I just registered so I could post this question and hopefully someone can help.

Wonderful car, I've had it for 5 years now. I had to change the instrument panel not too long ago as it kept on blanking out intermittently (used/remanufactured here in Brazil cost almost USD$300!).

For the past couple of months now, we've had an issue with the gas gauge. Sometimes you start the car and it stays at zero, with the low fuel light on. Everything else on the panel is working fine. At times, you can stop and start the engine (removing the key) and the gauge will come back again. (and when it comes on, it stays on). It seems to be getting worse. I had a mechanic here take the tank out and he cleaned/tested the buoy - claims there is no issue there. My friend brought the car back from this mechanic yesterday and claimed it was reading 1/2 tank without issue then. I've started it a number of times and gone out today, with no gauge.

I've gone through the process mentioned here of resetting the BSI. Didn't help.

I can reach and disconnect the blue connector beside the tank underneath. I believe this carries the signal for the gauge as well as power to the pump? Is this where I should be able to find a red wire to connect to earth (chassis) and verify if the gauge responds as full? Is it to be earthed while the connector is connected, or with it out?

Roly, which wire/where was this earth wire that you grounded properly to the chassis that solved your issues?

Thanks for any help. This is frustrating.
Why can't I see the last post??

There is suppose to be one by "mattd_br", but it doesn't apear.

*** O.K. It's appeared now ! ***
Guess I should have opened a new topic.. doesn't seem like my questions are drawing any attention here? The description of Roly's problem appeared to match exactly the challenges I am having.

(in the meantime, I will need to be filling the tank tomorrow as I have little idea how much gas is left! :justno: )
Sorry Mattd_br for the delay, if you go under the the car to the tank you will see a plug attched to the floor beside the fuel tank. Their are four wires going into this plug and only two coming out (on my van anyway) White wire, red wire and two green and yellow wires. You need to unplug the plug and work out which of the two wires are in use, one of them will be a red wire and the other an earth wire (green and yellow), I connected the the earth and fed that into the cabin of the van and screwed it to an existing earth point beside the handbrake.

What I will say though is that my horn stopped working and was checking fuses in the fuse box and the fuel guage stopped working for a while but managed to come back on its own.
Still no horn working lol

2004 Berlingo 600 Enterprise
Confusedafesex: If in doubt flat out!!Confusedafesex:
(22-08-2011, 10:21 PM)BlueBlingo Wrote:  Firstly follow this link & do a BSI reset:

It looks like fuel Gauge circuit is the same on a 1.9 2004 & my 2003 2.0 HDi
So have attached diagrams

Firstly your gauge sender is not connected directly to the Fuel Gauge on the instrument panel.

The fuel sender is item 1211

From the Block Diagram

Wire  M432 (Coloured green/yellow) in harness 51 J is the ANALOGUE EARTH to the sender.
Wire 430 (Coloured Yellow) in Harness 51 J is the fuel level signal

Where harness 51 j connects to Harness 46 HAB at plug connection 1C J6

Wire M432 Connects to wire 4315 (Coloured green/yellow).
Wire 430 Connects to wire 433(coloured red)

These 2 wires connect into Harness 10PR at connection 1c 11

Wire 4315 remains Yellow & connects to the BSI at Plug 40V Pin 15.
Wire 433 (Colour changes back to Yellow )& Connects to the BSI at 40V pin 16.

The BSI converts the Analogue(Resistance) signal of the fuel sender into a digital signal which corresponds to the fuel level read by the sender this is transmitted digitally thru wires 9004 & 9005 to the Fuel Gauge (item 4) the fuel gauge will display a fuel level corresponding to this signal
Wires 9004 & 9005 are in the Vehicle Area Network (V.A.N)

The ANALOGUE EARTH is not the same as Chassis Earth don`t confuse them.
It looks as thou you have a high resistance in one of wires to sender proberbly M432/4315

If you know someone with Lexia they can test your fuel gauge indicator indepentently of the sender.

Hope this helps let us know how you get on

Think you m'y friend it is the same diagram with berlingo b9 1.9 hdi?
No, it's a bit different. B9 does not use VANBUS and is all CANBUS which is a different protocol. Wiring is also different. Get ServiceBox from eBay or download it from our general chat area at the top, kindly uploaded by @Gryffindor

Remember also you have replied to a post from over 12 years ago! The person no longer visits here.
Not a Citroen!
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2012 B9 1.6 HDi Van
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