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Berlingo 1.6HDI Turbo troubles!
On June 6th I bought an 07 plate Berlingo van from a motor dealer near Sheffield, who told me it had a 3 months RAC warranty. After just 8 weeks it broke down with plumes of white smoke from the exhaust, a whinning noise from the engine and a lack of power.

I phoned the dealer who told me to phone the RAC warranty dept, this I did. They told me to take my van to a local garage or the supplying dealer. As the supplying dealer was over 20 miles away, I took in to my usual repairer, less than a mile away - so lessening the risk of further damage.

The garage diagnosed a faulty turbo and was told by the RAC warranty people to send the turbo unit to a turbo specialist, this they did. After a few days I contacted the RAC, who told me the repair was not covered by my warranty as the turbo had failed due to "oil starvation" so was down to wear and tear.

As my policy document stated the turbo WAS covered, I complained to the Senior RAC warranty engineer, who told me this turbo failure is a common-place problem with all vehicles with my type of Citroen engine. He went on to indicate that it is indeed a serious design flaw. The feed pipes to the turbo block up and oil fails to lubricate the turbo. They would not honour the warranty I had.

I contacted the seller who said he would look into my problem, but that was 5 days ago and they are yet to get back to me.

I would appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction, as I said, I have only had the van for 8 weeks and there was little I could have done in the way of preventitive maintainance to stop this happening and now I'm faced with a repair bill of arond £1000...

Yup, common problem, you need to be changing the oil every 8k and using only the recommended oils.
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Trading Standards are your best bet mate, and get in touch with them as soon as you can :thumbsup:. I wouldn't even touch a van now without full service history. Same thing happened to mine recently......
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This Rac guy has me worried as he also says, the new replacement Turbo units sometimes fail after only a few miles! is yours okay now?

(25-08-2011, 10:30 PM)Jeremy Wrote:  This Rac guy has me worried as he also says, the new replacement Turbo units sometimes fail after only a few miles! is yours okay now?

Not so much as in the turbo failing, it's more in the the way of how the turbo is fitted. The gaurantee of a new turbo will be void unless ALL correct NEW parts AND the correct instalation procedure is followed.......(second post in here)......

I eventually had my money back in the end. When they came to collect the van, on their way back the engine seized solid.
Trading Standards are your best way forward :thumbsup:.
And here's more interesting reading for you.....
The problem continues! As previously explained, the turbo seized and the van went back to the supplying dealer for repairs. They fitted a new turbo, flushed the engine, cleaned out the sump, fitted new pipework as per instructions from the turbo manufacturer. Everything was fine, until 10 weeks had passed, when the normal turbo 'whining' noise was replaced by a deeper labouring sound. followed shortly by a lack of power when excerlerating. I took the van back to the garage once more only to be told that this replacement turbo was on its way out! They say they are going to order another turbo as they come with a 12 months guarantee. The question is - once repaired do I swop the van asap or will my troubles be over? Surley not all 1.6HDI sufer these turbo troubles do they? I hope one of you Berlingo experts can advise me....
Hi Jeremy.
What mileage on the clock of your Berlingo?
just over 70,000 which looks to be correct according to the service history.

I'm not an expert in such diesel troubles. Let's wait comments from other guys. But what you wrote above it is very interesting.
First time your garage installed charger from breakers. It worked some time and then it's died. That's ok.
No they want to install "repere" (refurbished) charger. An soon it's gonna die too.
May be your garage will find a problem with low pressure in an oil system?
The garage is going to report back to me in a few days - I will post the results then - but I understand they undertook all the recommended measures the turbo supplier made. Not having an engineering background - all I know is, after 8 weeks I will be expecting the latest turbo to fail again! not sure what action to take other than p/x for a transit connect? (although I love my Berlingo!)

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