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Decat pipe instead of a Cat
Has anyone got rid of their catalytic converter and fitted a decat pipe instead ?
What is a decat pipe? Never heard of one.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

This is a pipe which mounts instead of real catalytic pipe. Sometimes, when it's very expensive to buy new catalytic pipe people mounts dummy-pipe which calls decat. In a cars which have Euro1 or Euro2 antidepollution standards this works very fine.But if car equipped with Euro3,4 usw ECUs, this replacement can cause one small problem - permanent on CE light.
Below - examples of front exhaust pipes for M59 and B9 with petrol engines. Small barrels on those pipes - this is a catalytic convertor.

[Image: exm59.jpg]

[Image: exb9.jpg]

I always thought a decat on a vehicle was an MOT fail, but reading what you put about Euro 1 & 2, i must be wrong.

I have never fitted one to anything, im not sure of the pros of doing so? Better performance/louder?

As for the emissions light, im sure there is a tool on fleabay that resets it...
Andre. What is MOT?
(07-12-2010, 06:15 PM)pk7478 Wrote:  Andre. What is MOT?

Oh sorry, let me explain!

In the UK, our vehicles have to undergo a test once a year that tests the safety of the car, so you will have brakes, tyres, seatbelts, emissions, lights etc etc tested. This is an MOT test.

[P.S - MOT test = Ministry of Transport Test]
Ok. In Russia we have the similar test which calls "Tehosmotr"(technical test). New car got a "Tehosmotr" for 3 years and then every year car should pass this test.
If compression in cylinders is ok and engine does not "eat" oil, every car should pass emission test.
In fact there's not necessary to buy tools for 2nd lambda-sensor because there will be enough only one capacitor and one resistor to emulate approx. 0,6 V.
Thanks for the explanation pk7478. I don't think such a mod would be legal here.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

As the person who asked the original question I'll just add a few comments.

I also have a 2002 2.5 TDI VW T4 Campervan - Last year when I was having my middle box replaced on it they mentioned that the front section with the cat on had a small hole and a replacement would be £250+ - I also go on the T4 Forum and had read on there about decat pipes - They are completely legal on diesels and the MOT is OK as the just measure smoke density on diesels - not emissions. Anyway I bought a stainles decat pipe for £45, fitted it myself in under an hour and a couple of weeks later it sailed through its MOT. It also runs better with improved MPG.
The same thing has now happened on my 1.9 2002 Berlingo Multispaceand I'm probably going to fit one of these on it - I've seen this on Ebay for £35

BTW Decats are only legal for MOT purposes on Diesels NOT Petrol
i took the cat out of mine and have had no problems, but mine is the M59.

I wold urge you to check that you will have no problems with your FAP if you do this on yours


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