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Berlingo GTi6
Hi everyone i was on here a little while back with the camo style berlingo van what i put a 1.9 D.Turbo engine in. some of you may remember it

[Image: 20130812_201624_zps12ad8a7d.jpg]

I have just bought another berlingo as i loved my old one and wanted to do a gti6 conversion one for a little while. i have a 306 rallye what i was using on track last year but i have took the track prep too far with it and its just not enjoyable on the road any more so decided it will make an excellent parts car haha. I have pretty much everything here to do the conversion its just finding time to do it. i have 2 weeks off for christmas so hoping if the weather isnt too bad to get it all done then.

spec to be:
2.0l 16v gti6 engine & box
ph1 clio 172 air box with ITG filter
Group N engine mounts
Straight through magnex or OMP exhaust (i have 1 of each)
Non power steering
GTi6 brakes with brembo discs and DS2500 pads
Sparco strut brace

That will pretty much be the basics to get it up and running then can look into other bits and bobs like rebuilt rear axle ect... evo 5 recaros maybe more

So the van i bought is a 52 plate 1.9d basic white van really. have a nice wooden shed in the back what has now been removed, rear door only opens from the inside and passenger door doesn't open at all so need to get the door card off to look at that.
Just fitted my cyclone alloy wheels and GTi6 brakes yesterday as that's a couple things off the to do list already :Smileill be fitting the top and gearbox engine mount over the weekend too as the 1.9 mounts are pretty much done and the van is due its mot. other than that it drives very well.

Subscribe for more updates as the happen. but not alot untill the christmas

 [Image: 20150813_144234_zps43jlhpfd.jpg]
[Image: 20150813_144310_zpsvitn8cqy.jpg]
[Image: 20150813_144318_zpswnkycrpe.jpg]
[Image: 0ABFF789-0F64-486A-9004-13843574BA31_zpsl4hqlu7e.jpg]
[Image: 1D56C39B-BEB3-4230-9837-6674B5AB387E_zpsppt8dtuy.jpg]
[Image: F438C7DF-DDE3-43EB-9AB5-3C642B629873_zpsrjygho6f.jpg]
[Image: BD35E155-E85D-49FA-9D33-77978F1EB003_zps9drujhpi.jpg]
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  • whitebus
I think the record for a Berlingo on the Nürburgring is 10:10, but that was with a Berlingo II with a 1.6HDi...
Think you can beat that?

Can't wait to see what kind of paintjob you're planning. ;-)
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  • whitebus
This could be an interesting topic and I'll watch with interest, good luck with it all especially at this time of year what with the cold etc
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to geoff for this post:
  • whitebus
Happy moding looking forward to the update's Cool .What engine in the mixer on the right of the photo dose it still run??
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  • whitebus
I aim to get to the ring next year hopefully, sure I am do the ring in less than 10mins no problem haha. Just sorted the door speakers out today as only 1 worked and was fuzzy so swapped it for the fly speakers out of the 306 now sound half decent in there.
As for a paint job I have been thinking of doing it just a flat dark grey colour as every man and his dog has a white van haha.
Cold weather doesn't affect me, I will work through it Wink
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to eddy_gti6 for this post:
  • whitebus
No idea about the mixer it's a mates haha
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to eddy_gti6 for this post:
  • whitebus
Had a little spare time today after work so I relocated the battery to under the passenger seat for the time being. It will be getting moved again once I decide on some new seats as I want to lower the seating position too. I feel like I sit far to high up. Possibly go for a set of Evo 5 recaros seats or maybe go all out and get 2 bucket seats but I will see in the new year. Also picked up an alpine sub. Not had a decent sound system in a car for a while now.

[Image: DDEDF9BC-0A72-4DB3-9EB0-3735A7629EC5_zpsenyc8gr2.jpg]
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to eddy_gti6 for this post:
  • whitebus
Mocked up a new facia for the battery cut off switch and somewhere to mount a couple of switched and gauges for when the gti6 engine goes in. This one is just temporary while I figure out what's going where, the cut off switch needs lifted a little and moved to the right that will give me room for an oil pressure gauge and maybe another if I need one. Then I can fit a fan switch up by the hazard light too and I may just swap the hazard button to a switch too

[Image: D666D386-6568-4430-8164-989EE910ED63_zpsfi5vwfqz.jpg]
Nice early finish today from work and weather wasnt too bad so thought I would fit my gti6 brakes and pull all the interior plastics out and roof liner to spray aatin black. Interior will be finished tomorrow but brakes are on and all bless up with some brembo discs and DS2500 pads. Should help me bring all that power the van is packing to a stop. The whole 50bhp or so it has haha.

[Image: AA7A94CA-A6A0-4A32-AEC8-6775EB57E283_zpslhceijmr.jpg]
[Image: CDBF88D1-E973-4225-8D60-70618C1FE308_zps2s08e3cz.jpg]
[Image: B0C777BF-CB12-43AA-AB65-1BAE01F9BC7F_zpsvpqluggb.jpg]
[Image: AE48EFF8-A3D0-4B76-8264-007E3920C776_zps0mbbkm9b.jpg]
Good work did you have to use gti calliper bracket's fixing's or the berlingo's ??
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