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[Engine] Engine Ticking
Howdy All,

I've got a 2.0 HDI Partner.

I've had a bit of a ticking coming from down in the drivers wheel arch (not motion related).

I've literally this second replaced the Crank Pulley on my lunch break, but sadly, it's still there. Original looked ok. Few signs of early old age, but nout major. Certainly still one piece.

Can't seem to pin point this one even with a stethoscope!

Any more 'normal' occurrences for rattles?

It could be many things as you are aware there is a lot going on down that side of the engine. It may be a case of let it develop?

When was the cam belt changed?
It's not a sticking hydraulic tappet?Infrequent/wrong oil,changing can block the oilways.Just a thought.(I don't get many of them) Big Grin
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
I know all I need is a bit of time to diagnose, but past few weeks including this week is a nightmare and I've got to get to London on Sat with near enough half a ton in the back.

Not great timing all this, should settle down after the weekend to fix, just hope it lasts.

The previous owner was an elderly handyman gent and had an easy life. However I think servicing wasn't a priority. The oil that came out was like tar. I change every 4-5000 miles, have done in every car. The oil that came out was the only one that still has a stain on the land (slightly missed the bucket ha!) I work on. Was nasty!

It's now sounding like a bag of spanners but still going.

As to cam belt, I'll be honest, the last recording in the book was at 64,000, way back in 2004 I think. It's now 2016 obviously and just hit 154,000. If it's not been done since, there's no recorded servicing of any kind since that date) I know it's long due. I have the stock sat on my shelf to do, just again, no time. Was supposed to be done at Christmas as my main vehicle (which is a project) should of been back on the road, but I've had a few issues and it's dragging on a bit, so the Partner has to fill that gap still.

Since changing the pulley, it seems to have actually got a little worse. Not better.

Been all around it with Stethoscope and can't pinpoint it still. Need to get it on the ramps. There's a sign of an oil leak or 2 as well. Maybe the PAS pipes and also the crank seal behind pulley. The plastic timing case is all broke on the bottom which seems to be quite oily now!

One thing that crosses my mind is water pump. Needle sits fine, but once or twice in stop start, the temp has climbed unexpectedly.

Just have to cross me fingers and hope she gives me another week or 2 for me to have a proper look see!
If the belt has started to break up, it can cause a ticking noise as the loose bit *flap* about against the cover. Given the mileage and age, I would do it now before it breaks. Even if it isn't the belt, it would be good insurance to change it.
Oh I know it needs doing. Like I say, I have it all in stock, just finding the time!

I've given it a visual check a month or so ago and looked fine. Nothing obvious to suggest it's on the brink, but have seen/heard similar on other cars in the past.

Appreciate the comment though!
Hi fire-host If you not sure on the last cam belt change and you have a unusual sound in that area i would advise you do not drive it any longer until you replace the cam belt kit and water pump.
I know what you're saying, but sadly not in a position to do so. Cheers for the thought though Polar.

Fully appreciate that as I have also advised people of similar in the past.

Like I say though, belt was inspected a month or so a go and visually, as well as physically looked and felt fine. Tension was good. No freys, no cracks etc etc.

I know ut needs to be and will be done Smile. Just when I have chance. My main vehicle is off the road so have no other transport.

If it goes I'll have a slightly bigger job. Though tbh changing the block is probably just as easy and doing the cambelt in sit-ue. Was considering pulling the block to do the belt anyway, but when my main vehicle was back. Hence why its had to hang on!

Appreciate the care though!

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