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Imminent purchase - what to avoid
Hello to everyone - I'm new here but could I ask for some advice please? I need a practical and cheap car for my future business and will be buying in the next few weeks. I'm thinking a 2010ish XTR model will suit my needs and budget. Can I ask the collective knowledge if there is anything obvious to avoid/walk away from? The 1.6 diesel engine seems to be a concern if the history is suspect? Does this apply to the B9 model as this engine appears to be the most common?
Hi & welcome.The 1.6 HDi is very fussy about incorrect oil/change intervals.A FSH is very important.HTH.
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Hello jesster welcome to the forum Smile good test drive make sure it's not pulling hard to the left take the engine cover off look around the injector's for leak's down where the injector go in to the head if it's wet or oily walk away look down were the air feed goes into the turbo you will see a a short pipe coming out of the rocker going in to the intake pipe there is a small O ring that seal the pipe some time's the O ring is badly fitted and oil will weep down on the block and gear box it a very easy fix just put O ring in properly you may be able to get a bit knocked off if you point out there is an oil leak ?? check the  four speed fan work on all setting's .
Don't rush to bye one there are plenty out there you will know when you find the right one.  Smile
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Hi there Jesster,Jed Clampit seems to have covered most of the problems you may encounter.A few things i have encountered include,uneven tyre wear on the rears(plenty of info on this forum).The 2008 VTR i owned did 17000 on the rears.The 2013 plus i owned was starting to show uneven wear at 11000 miles so it looked as if they were going the same way.My current XTR has too few miles to comment on.The air con can be suspect as well with both my 2008 and 2013 both needed recharging after 18 months.Other than that a failed cruise control on the 2008 which was fixed in about 15 mins by dealer the vehicles have been great..
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To encourage you, I have 59 plate 1.6hdi. I bought it with 20k miles on. Now at 77k and nothing at all gone wrong. Serviced punctually, mind, with the right oil.

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