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1.9d not starting
Hi all, new to the forums so thanks in advance.
I have an '02 1.9d multispace. Its has stopped starting. It turns over nicely but no combustion. The glow plug light doesnt light up when the key is turned anymore so this has made me think of glow plug problem. I have replaced the relay but this hasnt changed anything. THe relay is getting 12V supply(larger terminal to the rear.
I have a lexia code reader and have had it up and running. Long list of fault codes, first time using a code reader so im struggling to interpret the results.
The faults i get are:
*Permanent fault
evaporator sensor

permanent fault
engine ECU reception

intermittent fault
+ accessory open circuit

*Intermittent fault
 EOBD or engine ECU

intermittent fault
analogue module connection

intermittent fault
no communications from the BSI on the VAN

intermittent fault
Low fuel information short circuit to +

intermittent fault
communication with the instrument panel absent

intermittent fault
communications on the data wire of the comfort network

intermittent fault
communications on the dataB wire of the comfort network

intermittent fault

intermittent fault
*engine speed

remote fault
permanent fault
water temperature

Not sure what to make of these codes.
ANyone have any ideas of what to try next?
Thanks again
Hi Sambo,
First thing is to clear all the faults , go for a run, then read them again. The reason is that you don't know the "history" of the faults and many may no longer relevant. You will then be looking at all the "current" fault codes.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
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  • whitebus
Cool, ill clear them all, and see what it comes up with, Cant go for a run though, i take it it will still bring up the errors

Have you taken the glow plugs out and tested them individually?
Looking at this forum:

Try "inertia switch trigger"

Best regards,
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So ive cleared the fault codes and now getting the following codes for the BSI:



polar- got to grab me tools from work so will be testing them later on today.

brajomobile- no hazards flashing but worth a try, what is the procedure for BSI reset without central locking electric windows etc.
If you don't have remote locking or electric windows just disregard that bit and move on, don't forget to have the window open though. Try this
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Hi, so I've taken the glow plugs out. Tested em and they all are OK.
Done the BSI reset. Still no different. No glow plug light coming up on dash.
Anyone have any ideas of what to try next?

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if you are not getting 12 volts at the glowplugs there is a relay that supplies it . On mine its mounted in front of the engine fuse box, nearside inner wing. Check for a good earth there.
Ok so you have supply voltage at the relay and you have functioning ( tested ) glow plugs, all good so far.

So now you need to see if you have the signal voltage to operate the relay and allow the supply voltage to pass through the relay and get to the plugs.

As far as I know ( I'm no expert ) the relay will require signals from the water temperature sensor and injection pump switch to allow it to operate.

Use a meter to test functionality of the pump switch.
Coolant sensor, perhaps you could try shorting out the terminal / terminals on the connector to test it.

Permanent Fault on evaporator sensor - you have air conditioning ? This may be a red herring.
Permanent Fault on water temperature - this could be your problem ( ecu reception fault could be piggy backed on this and maybe another red herring ).

As said earlier I'm no expert but this would be my path for diagnosis in the light of no other information.

Whether the engine would start with the glow plugs wired direct ( temporarily !! ) I couldn't say - you would need a wiring diagram to determine if the fuel shut off / stop relay is in or out of circuit.

Anyway I hope my ramblings will be of some use to you.

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