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1.9D XUD Coolant Change
Hello people,

I'm using a 1998 Berlingo 1.9D with the XUD engine. My brother in law emigrated to England Big Grin  and the car stayed here in Portugal.
Before he bought it, the previous owner used water Angry  in the cooling system for several years which lead to radiator, head gasket and heater matrix issues. For now everything is solved, except the heater matrix which only generates heat for the front air openings. Usually my legs and feet are freezing, but hey, it's cheaper to run than my petrol powered Alfa Mito.

But there is still a lot of dirty in the cooling system dispite the cooland beeing changed for 3 times.
I wanted to change it again and clean it in the best possible way but at home. I don't want to go to a service station just for this.

Could you please tell me the correct procedures to do this and that air will not remain in the system.
Much thanks in advance.
Best regards from Portugal.

P.S.: I do apologize if my english is not totally correct.
Hi Hugo B,
                The controls for directing the heat from the matrix should be checked to see if they are working OK.    It may be that the coolant system needs bleeding , there is a small bleeder valve on the pipes for the heater matrix that can be opened to bleed air out of the heater matrix.

If the coolant has been changed three times then unless it was not flushed it should be clean as it can get. The insides of the header tank take on a dirty brown colour ( my one does anyway) which makes the coolant look dirty. There are cleaner fluids to help clean the insides of a coolant system available but I ve never used them or know any names/brands, a look on the internet will no doubt find them .

 Remove the bottom radiator hose  and flush it with a hose , should run clear after a while , if not put the hose into the radiator from below and reverse flush it. 

 Same with the engine block , theres drain plug round the back of the engine and the thermostat would need to be taken out to get it flushed properly.

 Refill and bleed it all especially the heater bleeder.
Hi, thanks for your quick answer.

The controls are ok, i've checked that.
The bleeder valve on the pipes should be used with the front of the car higher in order to the air come out right? Or that is not necessary?

The system was flushed, i'm sure of that, but the problem is the traces of rust - i believe - that are still inside. The main problem was when the previous owner used running water in the cooling system.
The radiator was changed, also the head gasket, thermostat because of water beeing used.

Where is, exactly, the drain plug on the back?


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