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New Head Gasket
My Berlingo is showing signs of needing a new head gasket, white smoke and dripping from the exhaust, constant topping up of coolant, inside of the rocker cover was caked in Mayo. How easy is it for an amateur like myself to change the head gasket? The only thing I would be unsure of is setting the timing correctly, are there any other pitfalls I could encounter, anything else I should change  while I'm in there. Any advice welcome.
So which of the approx 11 engines fitted to the Berlingo range do you have?
(08-02-2016, 03:33 PM)Col Wrote:  So which of the approx 11 engines fitted to the Berlingo range do you have?

Yeah, probably should have mentioned that, it's the 1.4 petrol, TUJ 3P I think.
THe TU3 is pretty easy for this job, as soon as you remove all the clutter on top.
(But don't remove the injectors, or even the high-pressure rail above them. if you do you'll have to replace the seals)

You will need a torque wrench, eTorx sockets for it, and a special torque gauge for the final tightening sequence.

Don't bother reusing the bolts, but get a new set.
(Good gasket kits comes with new bolts)

It helps if you have the Gospel of Haynes available as it is pretty decent on that job.
(Read it carefully before starting the job)

Unless you have an engine from before the 2003 upgrade. Pre-upgrade engines have manual tensioning of the cambelt, and that can be a pain. Post-upgrade engines have an automatic tensioner.

How long is it since the cambelt or the water pump was replaced?
It may be a good idea to replace those at the same time.
Thanks Gadget man, the cambelt is quite new, only a couple of months old not so sure about the water pump, do I just mark the location of all the pulleys or do I lock them off.
You lock them off.
there's a hole near the flywheel for one locking pin. And the camshaft is locked with an M8 bolt or similar rod through a hole in the pulley at about 'half past one' position.

The pump should have been changed at the same time as the belt. They're cheap, and it's such a pain to do it separately.
I've done a 1.4 on a ZX, there were holes in both main pulleys for bolts to screw into that locked the position, not sure if you have the same engine.

(Remember to remove the bolts before starting!)
It's the same engine. Maybe a different number at the very end. (Berlingos have the TU3JP4 engine)
It's also the same that was stuffed into the AX GTi and used for rallying...
(Which should tell you exactly how solid this little engine really is.)

In fact, the Mk. I / II Berlingo is based on the ZX frame.
Without getting too far off subject I loved the ZX. I had 3 of them over a number of years, the best being a 1.9 TD Volcane which unfortunately was last seen floating away in a flooded river, I managed to swim to safety!

Never see a ZX these days.
I'm not familiar with the petrol engine.Is it a wet liner?If so,take all the bolts out except for a middle one & pivot the head around to prevent the liners unseating.Clamp the liners while head is off & don't turn the engine over.If it's a dry liner please ignore.
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