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Tyres. energy saving tyres........
Does anybody use them?

Im not sure I buy the winter tyre business. ive been a truck driver since a was a young lad and was lucky enough to get some of the best training in the country. next time you see what you think is an idiot passing everybody in the snow in a truck, its probably this idiot.  Tongue
the point im making is that its not all about the tyres. we don't change tyres on our trucks just because its snowing. 
however! i do understand the importance of tyres on all vehicles. 
alot about driving has to with the driver. not the vehicle. the next sentence was drilled into me as a young lad learning my trade.

always drive according to your conditions, load and abilities and you will never go far wrong. 

(and just cus you don't know how or like driving in the snow, please don't judge me.  Wink )

as for the winter tyres, not sure if its a way of getting you to part with money you don't need to! to make you feel safer. 

I digress. 
my other car is an isuzu trooper. It pulls my caravan really well. (and to add. my caravan tyres get replaced after 5 years regardless!) 
Its not a question that gets asked on the isuzu forum much, energy saving tyres,  more about rock climbing tyres and mud pluggers! (I am not an off roader!)
and all the cars before my berlingo, have always had cheap new tyres fitted when needed. mainly because they have always been a cheap banger used for the school runs and the main run around with the trooper being the toy. the sunday car. 

now im all grown up and the kids have their own wheels, i've stuck an extra nought on the £200 I normally spend on a run around a bought a very tidy berlingo.
the tyres are ok for now, but eventually they will need replacing. and although I'm not interested one bit in the winter tyres I am very interested in energy saving tyres. 
the old long now retired FLT fitter where i worked swore by them, and he was a font of automotive knowledge! and never far wrong.

and as I bought the berlingo for one of the reasons its economical, it seems sense to try and make it more economical. 

so, has anybody used them and noticed a difference? waste of money?? or the real deal? 

and I guess im never to old to learn, what about the winter tyres? 

I can see an advantage maybe with the winter tyres on maybe a higher performance car, but as for a diesel berlingo?????

answers on a postcard please.................................................. Wink
small saving expensive tyres not worth it for the average ride.
ive got mud+snow tyres on the berlingo but it spends a lot of time up dirt tracks and driving in deep snow in the winter.Its used for shifting mountain bikes and snowboarding gear about
All summer tyres now are 'energy saving' tyres, this is why we now have winter tyres when previously we did not. If you are old enough to recall regular snowy winters, ie 70s-80s you might recall 'normal' tyres then were better in the snow than the 'summer tyres' we have today. So we also have winter tyres which in Germany & Austria are legal requirement in winter. However little point in fitting winter tyres in UK because we don't really have snow anymore, certainly not down here in Essex, anyway. I would go for mid range summer tyres. Cheapest way of buying tyres I have found is online, tyre-shopper website, owned by National Tyres. Buy online including fitting & tyres are delivered to your nearest National Tyres depot for fitting. Avon seem to be best value, to me.

If you are driving in snowy & icy conditions though you will find winter tyres are much better & you will continue driving uphill while those with summer tyres are stuck. Which is why in the UK there is little point in fitting winter tyres because if it does snow you will just be stuck behind everybody else with summer tyres.

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