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Front brake discs- stupid torx bolts!
Tried changing pads and discs this afternoon, managed to loosen the calliper bolts (proper tight!) but the stupid torx bolts holding the discs to the hubs had rounded off and nothing would turn them!

Am quite tempted to just drill them out/off and put disc on without them- one bolt has already been drilled out so is held on by other bolt only (rounded off)!

The disc is obviously still being held on the wheel, so should be ok?

Have put old pads back as don't want to ruin new pads on old (worn!) discs.

Also the pads bore no relation to what Haynes said about removing them from the calliper- they just slid out once I'd opened it up!

So should I drill the bolts out for the new discs or get someone to drill them out and re-tap thread?
Give the disc a hard whack from behind on the side opposite the bolt. This will stretch it slightly, and you should be able to force next size torx or hex key in just enough to undo it.
The disc can't go anywhere once the wheel is on, so no worries about lack of bolt
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As Col says but then use a centre punch to tap the torx bolts round until loose enough to wind out with a screwdriver jammed into the damaged head.
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Ah! Thanks will give them both a try! So I'm ok running without bolts holding disc to hub?
(16-02-2016, 06:48 PM)minisandfords Wrote:  Ah! Thanks will give them both a try!  So I'm ok running without bolts holding disc to hub?

Yes but for the sake of doing the job properly i would get some new torx pins.
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  • minisandfords
I find knocking an Allen fitting into the head usually gives enough bite to get them undone. I always knock the Torx in with the hammer before trying to undo fittings as it helps to break the rust holding them in the thread. The two small bolts only hold the disc so you can locate the stud holes easily when refitting wheels, once the wheels are on the wheel studs are doing the job of holding the disc.
So where does this bit go then ?
These screws are only for location / holding in place the disc when the road wheel is removed and therefore doesn't have to be done up tight, just give it a pinch up and then when needed the screw will come back out easily - too late for you at the moment of course. If a replacement screw is an allen hed then that will be fine as will a cross head screw, it will also be a standard screw and not high tensile or possess any special properties. A new screw can be passivated or bare, it matters not.

You could be keen and smear some Copaslip onto the threads.

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