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How to get at the blower

2010 1.6 HDI.....4 stage blower only works on 4. I assume replace the transistors near the motor....

However, where is the blower! Looked above passenger well....cannot see it!

Any clues as to its location and how to get at the blower motor to replace the transistors much appreciated.


The blower is behind the radio hard to get to the transistor / resister on the B 9 is in the glove box behind the fuse's if you take the fuse cove off and remove the fixing's holding the fuse's move the a bit you will see a small bright green box look's like a relay i think that's the resister that need's replacing some one on here did a thread on it .
Some put me right if i'm wrong . Sad
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Hi it's me again Smile if you go to page 8 on the B9 post you will see a thread on Blower not working it will show you how to fit a new resister behind the fuse's in the glove box with pics and the the blower is on the driver's side under the dash .
Can the mods put this in the how to so it's is easy to find. Wink
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Here you go
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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Thanks Tomcat wish i could do that one day i'll work it out. Rolleyes
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Hmmm...are you sure the green box you mention is the resistor for the motor? From what I read, the resistor is on the motor somewhere.......
(18-02-2016, 07:58 AM)doofer Wrote:  The resistor pack is normally somewhere with good airflow, to keep it cool.  They're usually in the blower outlet, with a metal heatsink stuck into the moving air.

I think we're talking about the relay.  I'm guessing that this is what selects between the different fan speeds.  Relays do suffer from arcing, especially when switching high currents.

Agreed to the former, and from what I understand, if the blower works on setting 4 - which it does - then it is this resistor pack which is at fault.

The green thing discussed in previous posts is, I think, some sort of fuse and replacement of this component will not help matters.
The transistors in the blower motor are not similar to the green relay/fuse replaced above. You can see the transistors and where they sit for a xsara blower in this video

Of course depending on your model they can sit in different places in the motor, but as long as they are PSA made, the transistors will look similar. I know that for a pug306 they stayed in the back of the motor lid, it was easy access and easy fix. In the case of the Berlingo I don´t have a clue, but I bet It won´t differ much from the xsara...

In this example the sit inside the assembly...

Edit: the example is for a xsara not a xsara picasso, but the transistors look the same... carefull when buying the new parts as the transistor´s part numbers have to be exactly the same, don´t go swithching PNP for NPN transistors...
Another common problem and fix instructions with the full auto dual zone A/C systems that were installed in older PSA cars (I have also crossed with this problem in my 307sw pug, I did a 2700km trip with my side stuck on hot Sad )

Please enable the english subtitles.

Hi lads

My fan speed 1-3 stopped working. Speed 4 was as normal. Bought a new resistor pack from Citroen here in Ireland for €60 and replaced. All good.

Resistor pack is located directly above the accelerator pedal. It is stuck into the vent that is coming off of the fan. Remove the covers in the footwell of drivers side. Get down to the pedal and look straight up. Black plug will be there and it's awkward as f**k.  

One screw holds it in after you remove plug connector. Takes some fiddling about but nothing's easy with these motors
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