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2009 1.6 Hdi Berlingo (Intercooler Query)
Just a query, I've recently purchased the above mentioned (Old Shape) and with a slight knock to the front drivers corner (Still Driving) but there is some damage to the intercooler. It doesn't look like it is busted but it has a small squeeze on the side, should this make any difference or would it need to be replaced??
Any chance of a photograph ?

edit : Well it won't leak fluid so unless punctured then tally ho and keep the cash in your wallet........
Thanks, I took it out when straightening the front and had a quick look at it and it didn't look like it is punctured, but didn't really take too much notice. It's now put back in so can't get a photo but I was wondering afterward, what if it was punctured??

There was one other strange thing that happened when it all went back together, that has led me to think about the whole set up, the van runs and drives great but when the engine is switched off there is a wirring noise from the turbo area that runs on for several minutes. It sounds like the turbo blades are still spinning and take some time to stop??

Any idea on this or is it a puncture in the intercooler that is causing this??
its probably the sound of your fuel pump shutting down
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But something must be wrong since it takes 5 minutes for what ever it is to shut down, I've even taken the lead of the battery disconnecting the power but it still goes on for ages???
Can you upload a sound clip or video to YouTube or something? It's difficult to say just by written word

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2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.
I can't get my wee vid to upload to Photo Bucket from this phone, dam I-phones. As soon as I get to a computer I'll get it posted. Thanks...
[Image: th_trim.A466A62F-5CBB-4771-B3FE-3C422660...heqejk.mp4]
I give up, will try again later. ???

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