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... Hdi Airbox Mountings ....
So, probably not a new topic but it may help someone ...............

Collected my " new " 1.6 Hdi a few days ago and had a look under the bonnet to find the air filter box and piping to be floating around the engine bay as if there were no mounting or fixing system present.

On removal the plastic pipe to pipe joints were loose and worn - self tapping screws and repair washers sorted that out.

The air filter box has four plastic protrusions that interface with rubber grommets.
The two at the bottom were missing altogether and the two at the top were badly worn, the side facing feed pipe grommet was ok.

In actual fact the air filter box wasn't even supported on these fixings and a side effect of this malady was the turbo air inlet rubber had been stressed and badly split allowing in unfiltered air and no doubt affecting the reading of the MAF sensor.

I visited the main dealer and found the rubber turbo connector for £10 
The top rubbers were available for £4.03 each
The bottom rubbers are not available singly but only by purchasing the bracket that they fit into costing £15.
All prices very competitive.

I replaced the worn top grommets with new and used the old and worn grommets in the bottom position. Since the bottom grommets are of a larger size the worn top grommets then became a perfect fit and avoiding the need to spend £15 on a new bracket.

I have since found genuine top grommets - 14223 - on eBay for £2.95 delivered   see item 141466782520

My car now runs sweeter and the minor rattles / vibrations from under the bonnet have now disappeared and importantly the pipes are no longer hanging low and fretting through the insulation on the wiring loom !

By the way the car had come with full Citroen Min Dealer Service History but having had bad experiences of VW FSH in the past I wasn't surprised,anyway enough of that as it dilutes my posting.

Some photographs should appear below to illustrate some of these works.

Hope it is of some assistance.

[Image: DSC06975_zpspscjw11u.jpg]

[Image: DSC06976_zpsommehedk.jpg]

[Image: DSC06977_zpskvnl2uq7.jpg]

[Image: DSC06979_zpsi76kg9ge.jpg]

[Image: DSC06982_zps6sdtyhqj.jpg]

[Image: DSC06981_zps3njejcsl.jpg]

[Image: DSC06980_zpsnnxzff3j.jpg]
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For future servicing it should be noted that the airbox and pipe assembly shown in picture No 3 can be removed in one piece with only the pipe from the wing that feeds into it needing to be taken out first and there is sufficient slack in the system to remove it by twist and pulling as per standard.
My air box has exactly the same "modification" with self tapping screws...

In addition, the two intake pipes were tied together with plastic band. This greatly reduced the noise.
Thanks for that will look to see if my pipes can touch.

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