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Berlingo Multispace sliding door issue
Hi Everyone I wonder if anybody could give me some advice.

I have a Berlingo Multispace XTR and yesterday my son was messing with the fuel cap whilst we opened the sliding door. My wife went to close the fuel cap while at the same time was in the process of opening the door. She said she felt resistance when shutting the cap but she closed it anyway. Now the door will only slide open a couple of mm and Jams. Its as if the lock on the door is still engaged.

Any ideas how we could get the door back open?

Hello Jamie welcome to the forum there is a safety device to stop you opening the door when the filler cap is off when she forced the filler cap on she may of broke it the first thing to do shut the door take the filler cap off and put it back on then try the door the sensor may be damage and need replacing i'm not sure if it's in the cap or the flap that open's .
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Thanks for the reply. Ive tried taking the cap on and off but no dice its still jammed. I should have said it was the flap he was playing with and it was the flap she forced closed.
sory to resurrect this one so long after but any luck with this I've just had the same issue, (except no son to blame). Door opens a few mm, I've tried removing filler caps, with everything locked, closed, open, all combinations!

Inside the flap there is a spring-loaded button that gets depressed when closing the flap, i tried pushing that up and down but no luck. Is there a way to reset it the sensor/lock ?


You have closed the door whilst trying this?
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Oh no it’s my turn for this one, yesterday my Girlfriend tried it open the the sliding door while i was filling up, she only opens it a bit and realised what she was doing and stopped leaving the door slightly a jar, when I finished I went to shut the flap and it shut skew and not flush, odd but it tired agin and the fuel flap shut flush, i then tried to open the door and it was jammed in the position she left it in, I can push it shut and open an inch.

Can anyone tell me how you access the the mechanism between the fuel cap and the door, is it via the boot?

Or any other ideas?
I fixed mine so I thought I’d update the thread,
It was clear when I looked at another B9 Bling that the plunge had dropped as it wasn’t fully in contact with the plunge path on the flap, it had dropped about a third to a half.
To fix I pulled the plunger up and it kind of clipped into place, I opened the flap pressed the plunger in as far as I could with my finger and CAREFULLY cracked the door then gave it a little tug so it didn’t contact the door, then this bit of plastic fell out and the door opens fine!
I may or may not order a new plastic part.

The picture is of the plunger after it’s fixed, even when damaged the action still felt the same and was clearly moving the cable just not enough.
[Image: 85-F9-C28-C-060-D-4-C40-AF8-B-B109-C5-F7-C832.jpg]

[Image: A90-FB413-DAA8-422-B-A925-5-D995-E853-A62.jpg]
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Well done, this is the first time I have seen a resolution to this problem.

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