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[Transmission] Clutch on last legs :(
Hi, anyone about?

How to know which clutch set to order as heard there's possibly 2 types of gear boxes or some variation?
Going to be a garage job, so just want to know to tell them, though they should know if they're on the ball. Racked off as been a good van and served me well for over 6 yrs (apart from h/matrix leak) but was planning on replacing van in summer, sob.. Oh well prob hang on for another year now. I suppose it's wise to replace new shaft seals too whilst they're at it, about a tenner i think.
Also, would they think i'm being cheeky to supply clutch kit and seals or shouldn't it make any difference?

I think there's an official Citroen w/site that would know the correct clutch but not registered as i prob don't fit their criteria. Hopefully someone on here can help? Vans an 03 1.9d m59. Thanks in advance.
Getting release fork shaft bushes may be a good idea.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Deeky. Just be aware you will have no warranty if you supply the parts. If it fails due to the parts you have supplied, you will be paying again to replace it. If the garage supply the parts, they will warranty the whole job.
Yeah I get that Col. To be honest probably not a good idea anyway, no real point worrying as van is nearing the end of it's
practical life before not worth economic sense to maintain, tho mileage isn't too bad at 125k. Just hope can get it sorted for around £300 ish.
(28-02-2016, 08:35 PM)ron Wrote:  Getting release fork shaft bushes may be a good idea.

Ooff more expense  Sad  How much roughly pls?
Short term owner ??? On the cheap ??? Stick a reconditioned clutch in it !!!

I did this with my last C15d but ended up keeping it a further 4 years on top of the original 14 ish years !!!

New shaft bushes - definitely ! cheap and good insurance.

My local motor factors did the recon clutch for 1/2 the cost of new .............

Like I say it was supposed to be short term before selling but in the end was long term and still good !

Recon = new friction plate and springs, completely new release bearing, pressure plate ground plus new springs,sounds dodgy but actually good in certain circumstances.

For context I do all my own work ( but anno domini is demanding I sub contract a bit out these days ! ).

edit : re shaft bushes - a cowboy would emery paper the old shaft to remove the rust and chuck it all back together ................
Garage quoted me £325 inc vat. Said new oil seal bushes come with kit and if i wanted new g/box oil will be extra, umm.
See other poster with recent new clutch got his done for a lot less so will try someone else for quote.
Hi Deeky thats not a million miles away for a good job mate.
(01-03-2016, 08:22 AM)polar Wrote:  Hi Deeky thats not a million miles away for a good job mate.

Had a quote from another garage today, they're a bit rough and ready but cheapest, same guy who sorted my h'matrix last year. £222 they're supplying clutch kit so i'm kinda happy with that. Big Grin Roll on next week.
Is that £222 including the clutch if so that is dirt cheap.

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