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Start/stop eco mode
I got a new peugeot partner in mid January, THE STOP/START function has only worked on about 4 occasions.
Handbook says it does not work in very cold conditions etc.
Weather here in Scotland has been very cold. Can someone tell me what ambient temp needs to be for it to work ? Confused
(01-03-2016, 12:21 PM)doofer Wrote:  If it's cold outside and the engine's cold then it will never stop.

It seems to be more about the outside temperature than the engine temperature though.  In the summer, if I drive to the end of the street from cold then stop, then the engine will stop, even if the temperature gauge shows it's stone cold.

Whereas at the moment - even if I drive lots of miles, it often carries on running or it just stops for a short time.  Mostly though, once the engine's warm then it will stop - even if it's only a few degrees outside.  But I'm on the south coast of England, which isn't as cold as Scotland.

I don't know whether it carries on for the engine's benefit or the passengers'.  You can sometimes get cold toes when the engine does stop, as the heater goes cold fairly quickly.

Don't worry about it though - it sounds like it's working as it should and it should all make sense when (if?) the weather gets warmer up there.

I'd still swap our slightly warmer weather for your scenery though.
Thanks very much Doofer. I thought that there may have been a fault
I drove a Qashqai wi stop start, and an electronic brake. And darkened windows. Vowed my next Berlingo would have none o them things.

Had to buy a 63 plate . . . mightnt be brill on fuel, but I will be keeping it a considerable time! I hope. . .new technology scares me!
My vans only the mk11. But the ecu and bsi worry me to'm looking at the dash just waiting for the engine light to come on..I sold my old Vauxhall combo b it had no engine light.that old van just ran and ran..6 yrs and not one problem with it.just the body was falling to was a bit slow but it did the job and never let me down.I get in the Berlingo wondering will it start today???.but I must admit its growing on me..had this van few months already had new axle.starter.battery.and only 89000 on the clock what next I'm thinking..
We are experiencing a lot of issues with the batteries on the stop start cars, of all types. Seems they only last about half the time of an ordinary battery, presumably because of its type and use.
Problem is, the stop start will only work,when the battery is fully charged or there a outs, so if the condition of the battery is poor, it will never stop start.
Virtually every car we get in , the battery is in this state.
I would get it checked out with a quality battery tester, which must be correctly connected directly onto the battery terminals.
Replacement Exide AGM stop start batteries for the Berlingo/ Partner are 720 ah, and cost me £100 to buy give or take a few quid.
[quote='doofer' pid='84926' dateline='1457340137']

The start-stop on the Berlingo is very clever.

I wonder if they used the " Dynasatart " as the inspiration for it, nothing much is ever completely " new "

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