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2012 egs replacement clutch
now then i have a 2012 egs semi auto bought new done 70k  the now judders on pulling away so thinking it maybe a new clutch, main citroen dealer asking either £699 Huh  with citroen parts or 599 with patent parts Sad  ,  should i pay more or not ??or can anyone recommed anyware else to do the clutch , im in essex.
Don't know how far away you are from this company but ive used them a couple of times and been pleased with the work
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
ok thanks i'll try them
Also in Hertfordshire is a Citroen and Peugeot independent specialist called BL Autos I have used them once for some small thing so can't really give a huge recommendation, however I can tell you they were so nice to me and didt charge me, that I ended up going back later that day to tell the owner what I thought of the mechanic who helped me and a bottle of nice wine for the mechanic as a small token of my apreciation.
2012(62) XTR 1.6 92bhp Airdream Modutop
Both the guys you mention are great, but tbh, the price from the dealers is quite reasonable if that includes a new dual mass.
Would be interested to see what the two other guys quote.
My 2012 is having the same problem slight judder when first starting off but not while changing up and down the box in auto or manual.
I am hoping its something like a sticking release.
Its a shame that goa55 didn't update how he got on with he's car
The slight judder is usually caused by wear in the dual mass flywheel.
This can often be cured for a short time by reprogramming the clutch biting point on Diagbox.
Unfortunately I have found this to be a short lived solution & normally within a week or so the judder returns, hence needing a full replacement.
The clutches in these cars are so smooth once replaced & programmed correctly.
My local dealer said he would have a look at it in the new year and he went through all the options which varied  from a software adjustment to full replacement but I did cost in  paying around 1500 when buying the car and I'll still be on the right side.  I did find a none dealer ( a egs Specialist)  who can do it for less  but will take to my dealer  next week as it due for a service and he will give me the good or bad news Smile
I had exactly the same but on my Mini Countryman at 38k. It would also judder on the motorway with the cruise control on occasionally. I was lucky as I bought it from Mini as a used car and they replaced to whole drive train under warranty. Dual mass fly wheel and full clutch assembly. Unfortunately the dual mass had damaged the gearbox which was also replaced under warranty. Glad as the bill was circa £6k so sometimes its worth main dealer and some times not. All depends on age, price and any additional work which could be covered!! I got the Mini TLC XL pack so 80k or 8 years old whichever comes first Smile
I have noticed you can get some good deals on the EGS,s so i dont think they are taking off as well as expected i think most people still want to hang on to a manual. With trucks you get very little choice, its very difficult to get a manual now and to be honest they don't seem to give to much trouble.

I think as society is dumbed down we wont get much choice in the future a bit like ABS, Stability control, assisted braking the list goes on and on.

You have to ask the question which comes first legislation or technology?

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